AZU – I WILL / CLOSE TO YOU [6th Single]

June 30, 2009 at 8:37 pm (AZU)

AZU I Will

AZU’s 6th single, entitled I WILL / CLOSE TO YOU, was released on 07.01.09.

I WILL is a painfully touching love ballad. The song starts off with a sweet instrumental that sounds like something that would play in a musc box. Then the music becomes more diverse, still keeping that twinkling sorrowful feeling with the chorus. AZU’s vocals sound a little high for the music but nonetheless, they sound nice. She sounds much more comfortable on the verse as her vocals are smooth and move with the music very well. It’s the pure instrumental section that really lets those emotions fly out for everyone to hear. Overall, the song is very enjoyable because AZU brings the emotions of the song to vivid life.

CLOSE TO YOU is a pretty midtempo number. It’s nothing that really stands out, especially compared to the leading A-side. Her vocals are nice and the music is sweet but it’s nothing that will really catch the listener’s ear.

In order to promote the single, a PV for I WILL was made. The video suits the sad atmosphere of the song perfectly as AZU cries, reminiscing about the sweet memories she had with her boyfriend. It really captures the sorrow of a past love. It actually kind of looks like a scene from a drama.

Single Ranking: B +

AZU did a very good job with this single. I WILL is a perfect sad love ballad and will touch the listener’s heart. CLOSE TO YOU is a little dull but cute. Hopefully AZU will be more active during the second half of the year.

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Gackt – Flower [34th Single]

June 30, 2009 at 4:50 pm (Gackt) (, )


Gackt’s 34th single, entitled Flower, was released on 07.01.09.

From the title, Flower would seem like a peaceful and sweet track but Gackt throws a curveball and delivers a cool sounding rock track. The song opens up with a nice rock instrumentation which feels like something is crashing. It’s not exactly the most capturing way to begin things and things don’t much change on the first verse. His vocals are nice but nothing that really shine in the listener’s ears. The chorus isn’t very interesting either with only slightly louder vocals separating it from the verses. It’s just not very grabbing and leaves the listener wanting more.

In Flames is this single’s B-side. The song starts off with a mysterious sounding instrumental that intrigues the listener and takes their curiosity. Then the dark and cold instrumentation comes in and that element of mystery persists. Gackt sounds very strong on the first verse and those vocals really smoothly follow the music. For a moment, it feels like the song is about to end with the music winding down and out of nowhere, the music becomes more aggressive as do Gackt’s vocals. It definitely catches the listener off guard and commands attention. The song’s other strength is the absolute beauty of the lyrics, which will definitely touch the listener’s heart. In Flames really should have been the A-side since it’s the stronger of the two tracks.

Single Ranking: B

After Lost Angels, Gackt had to deliver one strong single to finish off the project. Well, he kind of did that. In Flames is one of the most memorable songs of the consecutive single project and would have made a strong A-side. Flower is just not very interesting and doesn’t have that spark that grabs the listener’s attention. Hopefully he’ll be doing an album soon since he’s long overdue.

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Arashi – Everything [27th Single]

June 28, 2009 at 12:10 am (Arashi) (, )

Everything Limited Edition

Arashi’s 27th single, entitled Everything, was released on 07.01.09. Everything and season were both used as promotional songs for KDDI’s au mobile phone service series.

Everything is a happy calming summer number. The song starts off with a sweet summery instrumental that will make the listener smile along with Arashi. Then comes the first verse and the vocals sound great and with that simple instrumental, the image of having fun with one’s friends at the beach comes to the listener’s mind. The chorus kind of has a dance feel to it, which makes it stand out and catches the listener’s ear. The pure instrumental section is very pretty and it makes it easy for the listener to get carried away by the sounds of this group. Of all of the singles that Arashi has released this year, Everything is probably the best. It’s sweet and simple, which makes it a summer anthem for all to enjoy.

The B-side of the single is the naturally poppy track, season. Opening the song up is a pretty instrumental that soon brings a bright and happy sound. They sound so sweet on the first verse and there’s just a feeling of walking through town on a bright day, enjoying the sun. There is something familiar about the chorus and it resonates with the listener. It really sounds great when they sing some of the words with rapidity and it makes this section of the song stand out nicely. The instrumental parts of the song are reminiscent of One Love, which is definitely a good thing.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Everything was made. The video is very simple, just being of two scenes. The first features the five members singing the song in the studio. There is something strangely likeable about this scene even though it’s so simple. Everyone looks nice in such casual clothes and it suits the atmosphere of the song. What was even better were the scenes of them walking around to the beach. The sky looks so beautiful but the problem I had with it is that everyone looked so serious. The song sounds happy and upbeat so I think it would have been better if everyone was having fun and smiling, but maybe that’s just me.

Single Ranking: A +

After releasing so many singles this year, Arashi shows they still have it in them to deliver amazing songs. In fact, this is the best single released from the group this year with both tracks having a sweetness to them that will touch the listener. Everything is such a great summery track that will make the listener smile and season has the same effect. It’s amazing to hear these guys bring such a good single and hopefully an album will be following soon because they are long overdue with the amount of singles released since Dream”A”live.

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Tohoshinki – Stand By U [28th Single]

June 28, 2009 at 12:07 am (Tohoshinki) (, )


Tohoshinki’s 28th single, entitled Stand By U, was released on 07.01.09. The title track was used in the HTB program Ichioshi while Tea For Two was used as the ending theme for Miyaneya.

Stand By U is a sweet love ballad that will touch the listener’s heart. Opening up the song is a beautiful piano instrumental that immediately introduces the emotions of the song for the listener to feel. There are some vocalizations here and there before the first verse begins. The vocals are on the deeper side and they really suit the music perfectly because there is a relaxing feeling to them that stands out nicely. As always, Jaejong shines on the chorus and brings those emotions out even more strongly. It’s a very sweet ballad and it carries that natural flavor that everyone can relate to.

Tea For Two is a gorgeous slow song that gives the image of spending time with the one you love. The song starts off with an intimate and sweet instrumental that will definitely catch the attention of the listener. Those first few words make it seem like the listener is being spoken to. Then comes the first verse and while the vocals are nice, it’s really the music that demands the attention and draws the listener in. There is such a whimsical and calming feeling about the chorus, complimented by Jaejong’s angelic vocals that it can’t help but stand out proudly.

Available only on the CD + DVD version of the single is the second B-side, Sky. Unlike the other two songs, Sky is an upbeat pop number perfect for summer. Fortunately, it’s the weakest song on the single and just doesn’t strike the listener. It just doesn’t have that magic like their other upbeat numbers.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Stand By U was made. The video consists of clips from the drama and although this type of video can really seem disappointing, this one was done very well. The drama perfectly fits the emotions of the song and it compliments the overall atmosphere of the song. There was also a “Tohoshinki version” of the PV done. This version of the video features the different boys in singing in different locations. It’s pretty much like any of their other ballad videos and it would have been nice to see a storyline involving them or something but at least it fits with the softness of the song.

Single Ranking: A

Stand By U and Tea For Two are both excellent ballads. While the A-side is a beautiful love song, Tea For Two is a sweet and natural track that will give the listener some vivid imagery to feel while listening. Although Sky isn’t particularly memorable, the other two songs more than make up for it.

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C-ute – 暑中お見舞い申し上げます [9th Single]

June 28, 2009 at 12:07 am (C-ute) (, )


C-ute’s 9th single, entitled 暑中お見舞い申し上げます, was released on 07.01.09. 暑中お見舞い申し上げます is a cover song of the Candies’ song of the same name and was used as the Nippon Post image song. Like the last single, Kanna Arihara is not present on the single due to medical reasons.

暑中お見舞い申し上げます is a change from C-ute’s streak of mature songs, going for a cute atmosphere. The song opens up with a happy cheery instrumental that has a truly summer vibe about it. Then comes the first verse and the girls sound really  cute here, perfectly fitting with the sweet and upbeat instrumentation. It’s kind of hard to tell when the chorus comes in because there is no real instrumental or vocal change. Nonetheless, once it’s found, it’s nice although it could have been stronger. The part that stands out the most is when they sing the chorus. It’s nice and cute, fitting perfectly with summer, but it’s kind of disappointing after a streak of such amazing A-sides.

Suzuki Airi gets the chance to shine with her solo song, 残暑 お見舞い 申し上げます。. The song opens up with a pretty instrumental that is cute. She sounds great when she begins with those vocals, hitting the higher notes with strength. On the first verse, there is a relaxing feeling that Airi brings to life. Right before the chorus, there is a moment of edgy pure instrumental that really shines. Even though the chorus isn’t breaking any barriers in terms of creativity, it’s enjoyable and keeps the song going quite nicely. This B-side is surprisingly addictive and actually is stronger than the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 暑中お見舞い申し上げます was made. The video is a perfect fit for summer, featuring the girls enjoying themselves on a beach. They eat watermelon, take pictures with a camera and write notes to remember the amazing summer memories. Also are included are close-up shots and dance shots. All the girls look really cute in their red and white outfits and even though the choreography isn’t anything spectacular, it’s fun and peppy just like the song.

Single Ranking: B +

After a continuous streak of amazing A-sides, it’s a little disappointing to have C-ute deliver this. Nonetheless, it’s a good summer song with the A-side being a nice cover of the Candies’ song and getting the listener ready to have some fun at the beach. Actually, 残暑 お見舞い 申し上げます。arises as the more memorable song on the single with Airi delivering great vocals over a much more engaging instrumental. Hopefully, C-ute will go back to delivering those mature songs again since that’s where they really shine.

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Anna Tsuchiya – Brave vibration [10th Single]

June 28, 2009 at 12:03 am (Anna Tsuchiya) ()

Brave Vibration

Anna Tsuchiya’s 10th single, entitled Brave vibration, was released on 07.01.09.

Brave vibration is an upbeat summer song. The song starts off with a cool and funky instrumental that takes the listener’s interest and then the first verse comes in. Her vocals give attitude and keep up the energetic spirit of the music. Her vocals sound a little strange on the chorus, particularly when she sings “be free.” It may not be the most energetic or addictive of songs but it fits the summer season well.

Sweet Rishi Boy is a cute happy tune. It’s nothing very interesting and it feels kind of like a watered down version of the A-side. Vocally, it’s nice but instrumentally, it’s nothing memorable.

Loser! is the most interesting track on the single, taking on a cool rock vibe. Anna’s vocals provide the correct attitude to catch the listener’s ear and keep their interest. It should have been the A-side since it packs more of a punch.

Single Ranking: C +

The title “Brave vibration” suggests such a cool and aggressive song but unfortunately that’s not what came out. Both the A-side and first B-side sound similar and honestly, not very interesting. Loser! is slightly more interesting but nothing that really captures the listener.

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hitomi – LOVE LIFE 2 [11th Studio Album]

June 26, 2009 at 2:27 am (hitomi) (, )


hitomi’s 11th studio album, entitled LOVE LIFE 2, was released on 06.24.09. Fight for Your Run☆ was released as a digital single while WORLD! WIDE! LOVE was released physically.

Just You is the album’s opener. It starts off with a nice instrumental, driven by the guitar and then hitomi sings the first verse. Her vocals are very nice here and match that natural atmosphere established by the instrumentation. With the chorus, a little rock flare comes in and changes things up a little bit. However it’s not particularly grabbing. Perhaps if it were more aggressive, it would have caught the listener’s ear more. It’s a nice song but not one that really stands out as being a strong album opener.

WORLD! WIDE! LOVE!, released before the album, is up next. A very summery and happy instrumental starts the song off and it feels like a story is about to follow. On the first verse, hitomi’s vocals are slightly distorted but they sound very smooth and sleek here, staying with the music perfectly so it doesn’t come across as distracting. Overall, the chorus could have been stronger since it’s not particularly memorable with only the title of the song standing out in that particular section. On ther other hand, the pure instrumental sections sound great and have a coolness that just brings out the spirit of summer. It’s a very enjoyable song and definitely a great way to follow up the album opener.

The same vibe continues with 探し続けてたもの. Opening the song is a nice instrumental with the guitar and piano serving as the primary instruments. When hitomi sings on the first verse, there is such a simplicity and sweetness that works very well with her voice. Additionally, the image of nature comes alive in the listener. The chorus stands out as she gives stronger vocals and the emotions come out quite nicely. There’s just something very natural and nice about this song that will catch the ear of the listener even though it carries a similar vibe to the previous songs.

エターナル☆サンシャイン is the fourth song on the album. A nice summery upbeat pop instrumental with those rock tints start off the song and her vocals sound great on the first verse. There’s a lot of energy and spirit in the music that will definitely catch the ear of the listener. Although the transition from verse to chorus is so smooth that it might go un-noticed, it kind of ties the whole song together. It’s nice but after the first three tracks, the style of the song becomes a little much for the listener and leaves the thought if she will try out something different on the album.

Well that thought continues with the next song 旅立ちに吹く風, because carries the same instrumental atmosphere as the previous songs. It’s the same instrumental sounds driven by the guitar and the same vocals which are nice and go with the music. I mean, it’s not a bad formula but it’s beginning to set an album pattern, which ties the package together but doesn’t offer much variety.

Honestly, Memory sounds like an exact copy of the last song. Generally with this album, the songs have their slight differences from the one they are placed next to but this song sounds so similar to 旅立ちに吹く風 that it might be a little hard to distinguish the two.

Fight for Your Run☆ at least gives a little more variety. The opening instrumental has more aggressive rock tints so the listener’s interest is piqued. On the verses, there is a nice relaxing feeling with something just bubbling and ready to explode. Unfortunately, the take off never happens when the chorus comes. Again, the song could have been stronger with a more aggressive instrumental but that’s neither here or there.

Hello-goodbye! finally gathers up the listener’s interest and takes it for a ride. The song starts off with a cool breezy summery instrumental and that guitar only makes things even better. Those opening vocals have a way of demanding attention in time for the first verse. Her vocals are excellent here and portray the happy energy of the music perfectly. She really stands out when she repeats “hello” and then sings “good-bye” and it will be sure that the listener will remember that part. Even though it carries the same kind of vibe as the other songs, it stands out for really bringing out the happy summer party out.

Just as quickly as variety and newness entered the album, it left with Beat☆. It goes back to the same old guitar driven instrumental and vocal style. That’s not a bad thing but having so many tracks with the same nature really begins to annoy the listener and long for more coolness like Hello-goodbye!

The album’s semifinale is ココロの草原. Welcome back the summery beach sound with the opening instrumental. Then comes the first verse and the image of walking along a beach while the sun is beginning to set vividly comes alive through the instrumentation. hitomi’s vocals sound great alongside the music and will catch the listener’s ear. It’s nice to have some different instruments stand out in the music like the trumpet and it kind of gives the song that extra flavor to make it stand out.

VISION ~Don’t Stop The EARTH~ is what closes the album. It’s probably the slowest song on the album and a nice way to close the album even though it has the same atmosphere as the other songs. However it slows things down a bit so it manages to catch the listener even a little better.

Album Ranking: B –

Honestly, this album was just on the line of getting in the C range but was saved by Hello-goodbye! and WORLD! WIDE! LOVE!. Yet another album that carries a sound running throughout the album that becomes uninteresting. It’s always good to tie an album with a common theme but sometimes the sounds of different songs blur together too closely. Hello-goodbye! and WORLD! WIDE! LOVE! are the true album standouts for their different and cool sounds. Finally hitomi is back after a pregnancy and long hiatus so hopefully we won’t have to wait so long for new music from her. However, it would be nice if she could try out some new sounds next time. Although it is nice to hear hitomi sounding so happy and free on her songs. It seems like having a baby has her done her spirit good.

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Nishino Kana – LOVE one. [Debut Studio Album]

June 24, 2009 at 3:39 am (Nishino Kana) (, )

LOVE one

Nishino Kana’s debut album, entitled LOVE one., was released on 06.24.09. The singles released before the album are as follows: I, glowly days, Style, MAKE UP, 遠くても featuring WISE and 君に会いたくなるから. 君の声を was the album promotional track and had a video to support it.

The album begins with *Prologue* ~Kirari,~ a shortened version of Kirari from the MAKE UP single. It begins on a very peaceful and angelic note and Kana’s vocals really support that sweetness as there is a beautiful innocence in her voice that will strike the listener immediately. The chorus has a kind of toy soldier feel with the drum beats and this really stands out and catches the listener’s ear. It’s such a dreamy song that is the absolute perfect way to open up this album.

Kana and WISE team up for the first full track, 遠くても. The song takes off with a midtempo instrumental and some vocalizations from Kana that sound wonderful. With the chorus, she sounds very pretty and the emotion is definitely in her voice, particularly when she sings “always love you.” On the first verse, she continues the strength of the song with more good vocals and the sweetness of the instrumentation stands out nicely. WISE talks a lot throughout the song and it’s kind of annoying. The part when they switch off singing “love” sounds really weird because WISE doesn’t really give the emotion to make it believable. Luckily his rap section is a lot better and surprisingly suits the song’s overall sound very well. This is one of the more memorable singles from the group and is a welcomed addition to LOVE one.

doll really takes things in a different direction for Kana. The song starts off with a cool dance instrumental with some distorted vocals in order to catch the listener’s attention. On the first verse, her vocals are great because they give that attitude that makes the listener fall in love with the sleekness of the song. The chorus is sparkling and cute while still keeping that awesome dance instrumental so it comes out as the perfect combination. Without a doubt, doll is one of the stronger songs on the album and it’s a shame that a song like this didn’t make it to single status or even album promotion.

It’s another new track up next with Girlfriend. Opening the song is an actually pretty obnoxious line from Kana as she sings “I wanna be your girlfriend” Her vocals just sound so whiny and awkward that it definitely does not make a strong first impression. After that though the instrumentation comes in and the listener can slowly movve into the song’s core. Again, her vocals give attitude and the instrumentation is just so trippy that one can’t help but feel it. Although she does sound a little whiny on the chorus, it does stand out. Lyrically, it’s definitely a story that a lot of people can relate to, wanting to more than a friend with someone. If the chorus was stronger then Kana would be set for this song but it’s a little annoying at points.

This time Kana teams up with VERBAL for 君の声を, chosen as the album promotional track. The song begins with the usual midtempo piano driven instrumental with great vocals from Kana, showcasing emotion for the listener to feel. The first verse has that natural R&B feel to it that suits Kana’s vocals quite well. The chorus doesn’t change much from the verses but it sticks to the magical formula so it works. VERBAL sounds a lot better when he can deliver his lyrics with rapidity and unfortunately he can’t do that here since he’s keeping with the tempo. So his section could have been stronger but it’s still nice. This is a pretty enjoyable song and it’s choice to be the album promotional track could be understood.

Up next is Style, released as the third single before the album. Opening the song is a relaxing and cool instrumental that will stick in the listener’s mind. Then Kana makes things even better when she comes in on the first verse with some great vocals. What really makes the song shine is the chorus as she brings even better vocals and the instrumentation becomes sparkling and cute. Since its release on the single, it has come on a long way and sounds even better on the album.

Life goes on… is a ballad about moving forward. The song begins with a pretty instrumental with a different feel than the others. She sounds very nice on the first verse, providing smooth vocals that just melt over the music. The chorus is nice and the sound of water drops is a very nice touch but this section of the song just doesn’t grab the listener like the choruses of other songs. It’s just not very engaging, leaving the listener wanting a little more. It’s a little boring and doesn’t stand out.

Her debut single, I, is the eighth song on the album. The song starts off with an interesting instrumental and her vocals sound a little strange at the beginning, as if they’re missing that certain magic that is clear in her newer songs. There is kind of a poppy rock sound that makes the listener want to dance along with her. The chorus stands out primarily because of the higher-pitched vocals and at some points, she sounds like she is straining. Honestly, it’s not a very strong but at least this song proves that Kana has really come far vocally and the producers have found music to support her voice.

We’re back with a new song with candy, sung primarily in English. It opens up with a very interesting and cool instrumental so immediately the listener knows something wonderful is about to come through. She sings in all English with “It’s like candy, candy, there’s so many, I can’t get enough.” Like in a few of her other songs, her voice really brings that attitude that makes the song so addictive. It was surprising to hear “cause the boys look so good and I gotta make a choice” and it’s clear that there is a sexual atmosphere surrounding the song. This song definitely has one of the most interesting and addictive instrumentals on the entire album, making it one of the standout songs. It would be great if Kana pursued this genre further because she really adapted to it well.

MAKE UP was the strongest A-side from the batch of singles and it still shines on the album. The song starts off with a cool sleek instrumental that will make the listener want to get up. Then comes the story of the song with the first verse and there’s something very likeable about her vocals. They just sound so natural and relatable somehow. The chorus is what makes this song stand out with great vocals from Kana. She reaches those high notes very nicely and there are those moments when the instrumentation goes up in tone for just a moment but it’s very noticeable and strong. On the third verse, her vocals are distorted slightly but they really sound amazing here and fits with the music even more strongly than before. With its electronic sound embraced wondefully, Kana really sparkles on MAKE UP.

glowly days, the second single, follows. It starts off on a pretty and sweet note. Her beginning vocals are very nice and show improvement from I. The instrumentation really sounds nice with the various strings of piano notes catching the listener’s ear. On the first verse, it loses that same prettiness although Kana continues to bring great vocals. On the chorus, there are still moments when she sounds like she is straining to hit those higher notes but she still sounds pretty good. It’s one of the weaker tracks on the album but it’s still worth a listen.

One of the B-sides, celtic, appears next. That opening instrumentation of piano notes is really pretty and it sets up Kana for a strong introduction. It almost feels like a ballet when she sings that first verse, giving vocals that will stand out to the listener. The chorus could have been stronger since it feels like she packed on the cuteness a little too much. Nonetheless, the instrumentation keeps its sweetness so the listener’s attention is kept throughout the song. It was a wise choice to include since it suits the overall album atmosphere well.

君に会いたくなるから is the final full track on the album. Unfortunately, it’s one of the weaker songs and it doesn’t grab the listener like the others. It’s another midtempo number but it just lacks that magic that the other songs like 遠くても and 君の声を have. Kana’s vocals are nice but the instrumentation doesn’t demand attention from the listener.

Closing the album is *Epilogue* ~LOVE one.~ Like the prologue, the song Kirari is used. An instrumental version is used while Kana speaks over it. She sounds so cute and kind of like a kid, which is only brought out by the lullaby-like sound of the instrumentation. It actually would have been a cool idea just to have the pure instrumental play as the ending track but either way, it ties the album together and it was a great way to do so.

Album Ranking: A

I was pleasantly surprised by how strong Kana’s debut album was. With a whopping six singles included on the album (as well as one B-side and two tracks featuring parts of a B-side), the new tracks found their way to the listener’s ear. doll, candy and Girlfriend all stand out strongly. A few of the singles: MAKE UP, Style and 遠くても all sound great as well. The prologue and epilogue both use one of her best songs ever so they shine as well. It’s a fantastic album and definitely worth the listen and purchase.

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mihimaru GT – Switch [20th Single]

June 24, 2009 at 1:58 am (Mihimaru GT) (, )


mihimaru GT’s 20th single, entitled Switch, was released on 06.17.09. The B-side is a cover of the JUDY AND MARY song of the same name. Switch will be used as the official theme for the World Table Tennis Tournament. It was also used as an AEON CM song.

mihimaru GT brings a upbeat free atmosphere on Switch. The song starts off with a happy and summery instrumental with some awesome vocals from Hiroko to support it. It was surprising to hear her deliver a rap section but the cute energy to it really shines and reflects the freeing feeling of the song. Miyake’s rap section features the expected coolness that will make the listener really get into it. Switch is the best song that the two have released and definitely fits the season well.

Over Drive is a nice pop track but the problem with it is that the instrumentation sounds a little empty so the listener’s interest sort of drifts from the song. It’s not bad but not the most capturing of songs.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Switch was made. It features the duo in front of a blue background just singing or rapping while there are other figures in colorful outfits interacting with a flying gold ball. It’s pretty nice visually and really shows the energy of the song.

Single Ranking: A –

mihimaru GT really shined with this single. Switch is their best song yet and definitely one that fits this summer with an energy unlike any other. It’s a really strong song and definitely one to dance along with.

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Yuka Kagiyama – Love Player [Debut Single]

June 24, 2009 at 1:32 am (Yuka Kagiyama) (, )

Love player

Yuka Kagiyama’s debut single, entitled Love Player, was released on 06.24.09. The title track was used as the theme song to the dorama LOVE GAME.

Love Player is a cool rock song. Starting off the song is a very interesting instrumental with rock tints that will definitely catch the listener’s ear. It has a real coolness to it while staying aggressive. Then Yuka sings the first verse and her vocals suit the music perfectly. Right before the chorus, she sings the title of the song and it’s a little loud but nice. The chorus features some more good vocals and more addictive instrumentation so the song keeps its flow.

悪魔を眠らせて kind of picks up where the A-side left off featuring a similar rock sound with a sort of haunting feeling to it. However it’s not a watered down version like one might think. The vocals are petty good, particularly at the end of the chorus, and the music worms its way into the listener’s head. It’s another enjoyable song and it ties the whole single together.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Love Player was made. Honestly, it’s really creepy as she is featured in a house being chased by various bloody and frightening people. Another scene includes her lying on the floor in what looks like a dungeon and another scene featuring her locked in by chains. It’s really surprising and a kind of scary video but it fits with the sound of the song quite well.

Single Ranking: A

Yuka Kagiyama definitely starts things off the right way with her debut single. Love Player and 悪魔を眠らせて both have a cool rock sound that comes alive with Yuka’s great vocals. Both songs are worth the listen and this single makes Yuka an artist to look out for.

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