Arashi – Everything [27th Single]

June 28, 2009 at 12:10 am (Arashi) (, )

Everything Limited Edition

Arashi’s 27th single, entitled Everything, was released on 07.01.09. Everything and season were both used as promotional songs for KDDI’s au mobile phone service series.

Everything is a happy calming summer number. The song starts off with a sweet summery instrumental that will make the listener smile along with Arashi. Then comes the first verse and the vocals sound great and with that simple instrumental, the image of having fun with one’s friends at the beach comes to the listener’s mind. The chorus kind of has a dance feel to it, which makes it stand out and catches the listener’s ear. The pure instrumental section is very pretty and it makes it easy for the listener to get carried away by the sounds of this group. Of all of the singles that Arashi has released this year, Everything is probably the best. It’s sweet and simple, which makes it a summer anthem for all to enjoy.

The B-side of the single is the naturally poppy track, season. Opening the song up is a pretty instrumental that soon brings a bright and happy sound. They sound so sweet on the first verse and there’s just a feeling of walking through town on a bright day, enjoying the sun. There is something familiar about the chorus and it resonates with the listener. It really sounds great when they sing some of the words with rapidity and it makes this section of the song stand out nicely. The instrumental parts of the song are reminiscent of One Love, which is definitely a good thing.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Everything was made. The video is very simple, just being of two scenes. The first features the five members singing the song in the studio. There is something strangely likeable about this scene even though it’s so simple. Everyone looks nice in such casual clothes and it suits the atmosphere of the song. What was even better were the scenes of them walking around to the beach. The sky looks so beautiful but the problem I had with it is that everyone looked so serious. The song sounds happy and upbeat so I think it would have been better if everyone was having fun and smiling, but maybe that’s just me.

Single Ranking: A +

After releasing so many singles this year, Arashi shows they still have it in them to deliver amazing songs. In fact, this is the best single released from the group this year with both tracks having a sweetness to them that will touch the listener. Everything is such a great summery track that will make the listener smile and season has the same effect. It’s amazing to hear these guys bring such a good single and hopefully an album will be following soon because they are long overdue with the amount of singles released since Dream”A”live.

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