Maeda Yuki – ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ [9th Single]

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Maeda Yuki’s 9th single, entitled ケンチャナ~大丈夫,~ was released on 02.25.09.

ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ is a song sung with emotion and pride. The song begins with a variety of pretty instruments, with the saxophone coming through the most strongly. There are jazzy elements as well as some Spanish sounds and even some traditional Japanese instruments to make a diverse instrumental package. Then she comes in with the first verse and her vocals are beautifully smooth here, communicating such powerful emotion. Overall, the chorus is nice although it falls a little flat from the set-up from the verse. It’s a pretty good song and shows off Yuki’s vocals very nicely.

The B-side is ソウルの雨. Yuki’s vocals are so pretty on this song and the whole feeling of grandeur really shines through and catches the listener’s ear. When she sings “goodbye” in the chorus, there is so much sorrowful emotion and in that one phrase, the atmosphere of the entire song is perfectly conveyed. Following is a little section of pure instrumentation and again, the grandeur shines through and makes the listener really familiar with the story of the song. It’s a very good song and a compliment to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ケンチャナ~大丈夫~ was made. The video is quite simple, staying to just look pretty rather than tell a story. The primary scene is of Yuki singing outside of a temple. Other than that scene, there aren’t many others so admittedly, it’s not that great of a video but it does match the naturalness of the song.

Single Ranking: B +

Maeda Yuki brought quality on this single. Actually, the B-side ended up being stronger than the A-side although both songs are good examples of what she can really do. Her vocals are great at portraying emotion and so she brings her songs to life.

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