Gackt – Flower [34th Single]

June 30, 2009 at 4:50 pm (Gackt) (, )


Gackt’s 34th single, entitled Flower, was released on 07.01.09.

From the title, Flower would seem like a peaceful and sweet track but Gackt throws a curveball and delivers a cool sounding rock track. The song opens up with a nice rock instrumentation which feels like something is crashing. It’s not exactly the most capturing way to begin things and things don’t much change on the first verse. His vocals are nice but nothing that really shine in the listener’s ears. The chorus isn’t very interesting either with only slightly louder vocals separating it from the verses. It’s just not very grabbing and leaves the listener wanting more.

In Flames is this single’s B-side. The song starts off with a mysterious sounding instrumental that intrigues the listener and takes their curiosity. Then the dark and cold instrumentation comes in and that element of mystery persists. Gackt sounds very strong on the first verse and those vocals really smoothly follow the music. For a moment, it feels like the song is about to end with the music winding down and out of nowhere, the music becomes more aggressive as do Gackt’s vocals. It definitely catches the listener off guard and commands attention. The song’s other strength is the absolute beauty of the lyrics, which will definitely touch the listener’s heart. In Flames really should have been the A-side since it’s the stronger of the two tracks.

Single Ranking: B

After Lost Angels, Gackt had to deliver one strong single to finish off the project. Well, he kind of did that. In Flames is one of the most memorable songs of the consecutive single project and would have made a strong A-side. Flower is just not very interesting and doesn’t have that spark that grabs the listener’s attention. Hopefully he’ll be doing an album soon since he’s long overdue.


  1. tFayt said,

    Hey there!

    What do you think of the 4 singles overall? Do you think they’re really good or was it bad?

    • amaiyume said,


      Umm…generally, I think they were okay. Just okay. He could have done better but it could have been worst…Lost Angels was the best single but it isn’t anything that I could remember off the top of my head. Actually, I really can’t remember any of the songs in this project so…

      Not particularly memorable but a few of the songs [Last Angels, In Flames, No Reason] are worth the listen 🙂

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