BAReeeeeeeeeeN – 足跡 [Debut Single]

October 6, 2008 at 1:31 am (BAReeeeeeeeeeN) (, )

BAReeeeeeeeeeN’s debut single, entitled 足跡, was released on 10.01.08. This newly formed group is comprised of GReeeeN and BACK-ON and JIN.

足跡 is a calm rock song. The song starts off with a very pretty instrumental that catches the listener’s ear right away. On the first verse, more rockish sounds come to support the music and the vocals perfectly suit them. The chorus takes on a more light atmosphere because the vocals are so much higher but it sounds a bit awkward and doesn’t sound as nice as the verses. Although it’s not a stellar debut or a particularly cohesive song, the verses are nice and worth listening to despite the chorus being lacking.

The single’s B-side is color. The song begins with a very catchy instrumentation that signals a strong song to follow. The moments when the music isn’t aggressive are somewhat boring and at points, the vocals are too high to suit the music. There are some points at which the vocals sound a bit distorted and it sounds cool but overall the song is pretty forgettable.

Single Ranking: C +

These two songs are actually pretty forgettable despite being backed up by a name like GReeeeN. The verses of the first verse aren’t too bad but not enough to save the song from being boring. The second song is just entirely forgettable. Perhaps they will try out new styles in the future that will suit them more.

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