Koike Teppei – キミだけ [3rd Single]

July 1, 2009 at 1:48 am (Koike Teppei) (, )

Kimi dake Teppei

Koike Teppei’s 3rd single, entitled キミだけ, was released on 06.24.09.

Teppei brings the sweet emotions on キミだけ. The song opens up with part of the chorus and it doesn’t really stand out as much as hoped. The music is actually quite pretty but Teppei’s vocals sound a little off for that kind of sound. Then the music takes on a slightly magical feeling to it that is very enjoyable. It’s just not a very capturing track because of the vocals. Perhaps if someone else was singing then it might have stood out more.

ラフライター kind of follows the same path as the A-side. The music is nice but the vocals could have been stronger and complimented the music better.

In order to promote the single, a PV for キミだけ was made. The video is very simple as he is seen sitting in a dark room as he sings the song. The room is then filled with a magical presence that suits the atmosphere of the song very well. It just works with the song so well so it’s very good in that aspect.

Single Ranking: B –

It may not have been the strongest single but it’s nice to see Teppei back in the game. Both songs have a similar vibe that are nice but perhaps not the best fit for Teppei’s voice. Hopefully he’ll have stronger songs in the future.

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