Sa-Asa – ハローハローハロー [Debut Single]

March 20, 2009 at 12:37 am (Sa-Asa) (, )


Sa-Asa’s debut single, entitled ハローハローハロー, was released on 03.04.09. Although she released some previous songs, this is her major label debut on GIZA records.

ハローハローハロー is a nice and natural number, driven by the sounds of the guitar. The song starts off with a nice and simple midtempo instrumentation that has a relaxing feeling to it. Then she comes in with the first verse and there’s a real cuteness in her voice that is somewhat reminiscent of Otsuka Ai when she first started. The chorus is nice although a little simplistic. It would have been nice if the music had some sort of change to stand out in the listener’s head. Overall, it’s not a bad song and sometimes the simple route is the one that works the best but this one was just a little too simple.

トワイライト slows down the pace slightly from the A-side, still keeping the natural atmosphere. The instrumentation is prettier although the similarities between the two songs doesn’t do her any favors. She should have tried a different sound so that the listener could see a different side of her.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ハローハローハロー was made. Now there’s a similarity vocally between Sa-Asa and Otsuka Ai and there’s also one visually. She looks pretty much like Ai did a while ago and there’s this sweetness to the PV that is reminiscent of Ai. It’s kind of childish but I think that’s where its charm lies.

Single Ranking: B –

For a debut single, it definitely could have been stronger but it’s still a nice listen. Both the A-side and B-side carry something similar to them and that’s nice but it would have been nice if they showed more diversity for her.

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