Meilin – Meilin Story [Debut Korean Single]

August 14, 2008 at 6:50 pm (Meilin) (, )

Meilin’s debut Korean single, entitled Meilin Story, was released on 05.13.08. The leading A-side of the single is 오늘 밤 어때, a hot dance song. She has released singles in Japan and released a Korean album back in 2003 but now she’s back to bring a fantastic single.

오늘 밤 어때 is a hot dance track that allows Meilin to shine. The song starts off with a hot dance instrumentation with a guy introducing the song. Soon the chorus comes in and Meilin’s vocals carry a certain attitude that compliment the music perfectly. On the first verse, Meilin sails through it with good vocals, keeping the listener until the hook. The hook is easily one of the most addictive parts of the entire songs for the English phrases “do you see me, what you gonna give me” and “I know what you gonna want me.” Another standout part of the song is the second verse, which also features a repeating word that stays in the listener’s mind as well as memorable English phrases “like this, like that” and “I think you’re doing it, doing it, don’t stop.” There is a rap sequence during the third verse that sounds great and moves smoothly into a small pure instrumental section. With the final choruses, Meilin brings some fantastic adlibs that show off her vocal power. This is a fantastic song and keeps the listener addicted from beginning to end.

The B-side of this single is Liar. Opening the song is a cool and interesting instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s attention. She then comes in with the first verse and gives some very sleek vocals, capturing the song’s atmosphere perfectly. There is a little more vocal strength on the chorus and the repetition of the word “liar” stands out strongly. Before the pure instrumentation section, Meilin brings those strong vocals that she shines at. Closing the song is more strong instrumentation with Meilin saying “liar” to bring the song to a great close.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 오늘 밤 어때 was made. This is a very interesting video with a pretty dark atmosphere. There is a scene of Meilin and her guy running away from something threatening, Meilin on a table being scanned as well as a scene of her sitting in a spherical chair.

Single Ranking: A +

Meilin does a great job on her first Korean single. 오늘 밤 어때 is a wonderful dance song that shows off Meilin’s attitude as well as her vocal strength. Liar is also a great song with a clear and addictive beat that the listener can fall in love. Both songs are strong and worth checking out, making this is a fantastic single.

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