Domoto Koichi – 妖 ~あやかし~ [3rd Single]

August 1, 2009 at 5:20 pm (Domoto Koichi) (, )


Domoto Koichi’s 3rd solo single, entitled 妖 ~あやかし,~ was released on 07.29.09.

妖 ~あやかし~ is a sleek upbeat mysterious number. The song starts off with an upbeat instrumental, driven by the guitar which definitely makes for an interesting opening. It’s very catchy and has a sort of older feel to it at times which will catch the listener’s ear. Then Koichi comes in on the first verse and provides some very good vocals that suit the slightly mysterious atmosphere of the song perfectly. His vocals on the chorus juts ooze sexiness and that’s what draws the listener further into the depths of the song especially on phrases like “reaching into you.” Koichi really brings his all to the song and hooks the listener the moment the instrumentation starts.

The B-side is Awaken Yourself. Opening the song is another instrumental that carries a slightly mysterious feel to it but has more of a poppy feel. The chorus starts things off and Koichi’s vocals sound quite nice here and they suit the music nicely. The verses  feature a combination of English and Japanese, which makes both languages stand out although there’s just some magic missing from this section that keeps it from being really strong. It’s not the greatest song but it compliments the A-side nicely.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 妖 ~あやかし~ was made. The video is very simple, just featuring Koichi dancing with his dancers and showing off their moves. It’s nothing groundbreaking but he looks as gorgeous as ever, which is all anyone really needs to ask for.

Single Ranking: B +

After Domoto Tsuyoshi delivered his solo single this year, Koichi had to follow with a great single as well. Luckily he did just that. Both songs have a mysterious vibe around them with the A-side standing out more strongly. His vocals are smooth and match the instrumentation perfectly, which makes the songs worth the listen.

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