Se7en featuring Lil’ Kim – Girls [Debut American Single]

March 11, 2009 at 9:59 pm (Se7en) (, )


Se7en’s debut single, entitled Girls, was released on 03.11.09. The song is a collaboration with famous rapper Lil’ Kim. It’s been a while since the single was announced and it was pushed back various times but now, it’s here.

Se7en and Lil’ Kim team up for Girls, a fun dance number with hip-hop style. The song starts off with a hot dance beat that really grabs the listener although the Darkchild introduction that introduces nearly every one of his productions does get to be annoying after a while. Se7en then comes in with the chorus and he’s definitely going for that hip-hop swagger. He does manage to get it across although at points it does come across a little forced. Some of the words seem to be a little over-enunciated as well, which kind of takes away from the cool edge. He manages to do it much better on the first verse since his vocals have a certain sensual smoothness to them that will entice the listener. Right before the chorus, he sings “I need a few more so call the G4 and tell me that we only got room for 7 more” and his vocals here sound great in combination with the music. Lil’ Kim sounds extremely strange when she comes in comes in her first verse because it sounds like she’s trying to do a combination of singing and rapping. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and definitely does not do the song any favors. Girls is a nice song and it does have an American sound to it that might spell a little bit of success so we’ll have to see.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Girls was made. Seeing as how he’s trying to break into the more hip-hop side of the industry, the video takes after American videos. Se7en and Lil’ Kim are in the club just enjoying life. It would have been nice if Se7en showed off more of his dancing skills a la BoA but maybe he will do so in the future.

Single Ranking: B +

Well it’s definitely been a while since Se7en announced his entrance to the U.S. Market and he’s finally here. He takes on the hip-hop swagger and manages to get that across somewhat but hopefully he’ll bring it harder with more songs. With the wave of other Asian artists coming to America, he’ll have to stand out because as of now, BoA’s blowing everyone else away.

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