FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – 告白 [8th Single]

August 3, 2008 at 9:28 pm (FUNKY MONKEY BABYS) (, )

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS’ 8th single, entitled 告白, was released on 07.23.08.

告白, a nice pop number, is the title track. The song begins with a nice piano instrumental that introduces a sweet atmosphere for the listener to enjoy. An upbeat feeling comes through the chorus and the boys give some nice vocals here. For the verses, the rapping is kinda slow so it still keeps with the song’s atmosphere. When the chorus comes back again, the boys give some stronger and rougher vocals to make it stand all the more. This is a great pop song and the boys bring energy and fun to the music.

ナツミ is the first B-side. A cool and sleek instrumental opens the song and the boys bring an upbeat and cool atmosphere as their strong vocals go with the music. The verses are fun with a poppiness that the listener can fall in love with and the lyrics are delivered with rapidity to make them stand out all the more. For its cool sound and strong vocals, this B-side really stands out and even has enough power to be the single’s title track.

あなたへ is the second B-side. The chorus hopefully opens up the song and there is something almost magical about the music that captures the listener’s attention. For the verses, there is a more poppiness as there is a very established beat that runs through the music. This song is another good song with a very nice beat and more strong vocals from the boys.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 告白 was made. The video is simple as a boy and a girl enjoy a day. There is also a scene of the boys singing together.

Single Ranking: A –

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS bring good vocals to all three songs, all of them upbeat. The first B-side emerges as the strongest song as a certain sleekness to the music is notable while the A-side is nice and catchy. Overall it’s another single worth checking out.

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FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – 旅立ち [7th Single]

August 3, 2008 at 6:56 pm (FUNKY MONKEY BABYS) (, )

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS’ 7th single, entitled 旅立ち, was released on 03.26.08.

旅立ち is the title track of the single. The song starts off with the chorus, which captures a happy feeling as the boys show power and capture that upbeat atmosphere perfectly. The following instrumentation sequence has a certain relaxing feel to it that nicely stands out to the listener before the chorus comes back again. It’s a little unexpected but then the first verse arrives. The vocals aren’t as poppy but that atmosphere remains, capturing the listener’s ear with a very catchy feel. There is a freeing feeling that comes out on the little pure instrumentation sequence before the third verse that stands out and is very ear-catching. After the chorus, a very sweet instrumental then closes the song. It’s definitely a fun and light-hearted song worth taking a listen to.

虹の架け橋 serves as the single’s B-side. A cool and sweet piano instrumentation begins the song and takes the listener into another world. The chorus features strong vocals that move with the music very well and soon the tempo picks up as the instrumentation becomes a little more varied. The verses are very catchy and stand out over the lighter music. This is a really enjoyable song and is a nice compliment to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 旅立ち was made. The video is nice and simple, featuring scenes of the boys doing various things and the returning scene is of them singing on the street. Other scenes include fixing a car, sitting in a car and riding books. Although somewhat simple, the video fits nicely with the song and is enjoyable.

Single Ranking: A –

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS did a great job with this single as both songs capture a nice uptempo sound to which they bring energy and strong vocals.

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