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In order to promote Koda Kumi’s latest album, Kingdom, a PV (promotional video) was made for each song. Compiled onto the first DVD disc, all the PVs from the Kingdom era are featured to make one grand collection of videos ranging from the cute to the emotional to the fun.

The first PV is for Introduction For Kingdom. It’s relatively simple and features various images of Kumi. In order to transition between each scene, pink flower petals emerge and slowly fall, revealing Kumi in a different image. Using the color white throughout the entire video really compliments the smooth music as well. There isn’t much to say about this video but Kumi looks wonderful in it and it matches the relaxing atmosphere of the song perfectly.

Following the introduction is the PV of anytime (album version). This sweet and cute video captures the respective elements of the song perfectly. The camera serves as Kuu’s boyfriend as they spend time together doing various activities. Scenes included in this PV are of Kumi and her boyfriend driving, the two cutting each other’s hair and enjoying yogurts. Kumi also cooks for him and dresses up as a rabbit to surprise him. This video really is adorable and is a perfect visual to the song.

FREAKY is up next and really represents the theme of “girl power.” The video begins with Kumi captured by some dangerous looking men and as they seem to be interrogating her, she disappears right in front of their eyes. She reappears only to be joined by her female companions. The two groups encounter each other and then they face off. At the end, the girls win and exit the castle. Another scene from the PV features some beautiful eye makeup that resembles a butterfly. It’s a great video that captures the atmosphere set forth by the lyrics.

Following FREAKY is the PV for Under. The PV features two different scenes with Kumi. One Kumi is wearing a yellow jumpsuit as she dances on top of a roof. She does some great moves and even busts out a real split. That Kumi later performs a similar dance routine in what looks to be a tunnel. The other Kumi is adorned in black and silver as she is on a rotating platform. She looks absolutely gorgeous in these scenes and they are a nice change from the dance routines. A black tiger is also featured, which is assumed to serve as inspiration for the PV from the dark ensemble she wears to the growling and glowing yellow eyes featured at the end of the video. The PV for Under is definitely enjoyable and is one to keep watching.

This album’s storyline begins with the PV for 恋の魔法. Scenes from the PV include Kumi shopping at a store looking at earrings, cups and flowers as her admirer also shops in the same store searching for a gift for Kumi, Kumi enjoying dinner with her beloved as well as a beautiful scene of Kumi admiring her necklace outside with a gorgeous view. The lighting in that scene is great and makes a certain warmth that works with the song. The video ends with Kumi running into him and dropping her bags and it’s left to assume that he presented her with the necklace. It’s a wonderful start for the storyline and the PV works very well with the song.

秘密 comes as the second instillation of the PV storyline. The PV connects to the last one immediately by even including one of the same settings as the last one: Kumi at the same restraurant. However she isn’t smiling like last time. As the waiter gives her a glass of water, he leaves as he puts his finger to his mouth, signaling a secret. The video was done in black and white, which really augments the atmosphere of the song. The video also features Kumi in a beautiful dress surrounded by white curtains. She even tries searching for him and because she cannot find him, it breaks her heart. The PV ends with the waiter leaving Kumi a gift and makes the same secret signaling motion. She agrees as she makes the same motion and smiles, restoring her faith. The PV for this song was excellent and one of the best of the Kingdom PVs.

Taking a break from the story, the PV for 愛のうた (album version) is next. This version isn’t that different from the original but it portrays the emotional atmosphere of the song more. Scenes include Kumi seeing a man who she almost believes is her boyfriend until another woman puts her arm around him and walk past her, Kumi picking up her cell phone only to realize it was another woman getting a call from her boyfriend as well as Kumi standing with tear drop mobiles around her. The ending crying scene is a lot more powerful and really brings hom the emotions that the lyrics create. This version of the PV is a lot stronger than the single version and adding it was a nice touch.

Following is one of the most simplistic PVs on the album, MORE. She stands on a pillar, which is way up in the air and the overall look of the pillar and her outfit / hair is reminiscent of a Greek goddess. Her heart is then shot with an arrow, which is burned up. This ignites the rest of the PV as the she grows on fire and the pillar begins to break from fire as well. She then is suspended high in the air. Overall, the PV was very simple but was a good capture of the song’s atmosphere.

The storyline continues with 甘い罠. In this installment, Kumi sees her boyfriend flirting with another girl and then goes to interrupt them by getting him a drink. She then sees him flirting again so she leaves the room and her boyfriend goes after her. She confronts him and then dumps him as she throws the necklace he gave to her away. Although the song gives a dance vibe, there weren’t really any dancing scenes and that was pretty disappointing but overall it was a nice video to enjoy and continues the storyline.

愛証 has an absolutely gorgeous video that features Kumi adorned in a beautiful kimono as she wonders. The emotional presence that the video portrays matches the song perfectly. Although there isn’t much to the video, there is such a wonderful style that it makes it enjoyable to watch. This video was definitely a one to watch and it hasn’t lost any of its magic from the single release. On an interesting note, her nails are the same style from the BUT PV.

The storyline ends with the PV for あなたがしてくれたこと. As the final video in the story, Kumi reflects on her actions from the other three videos. She sits in a crystal seat and she wears a red dress that looks great visually. The letters falling from the sky was a nice touch and made a great special effect for the video. The video features scenes from the three preceding videos of the storyline to really tie the whole story together. It was a nice PV that ended the story nicely.

Wonderland is one of the strangest PVs made for Kingdom. Filmed in front of a green screen, Kumi wonders through wonderland that features dancing mushrooms and flowers. At one point, she tries to get a large pink elephant by pulling it with a rope made of candy canes as she then rides it. The video ends with Kuu chasing a rabbit as the mushrooms and the rabbit are led into the dark castle at the end of the pathway. Overall the PV was strange but definitely matched the song.

Although the song was not present on the album, the PV for Run For Your Life was included. The video features sexy Kumi and cute Kumi, both dreaming about the boys then want to be with. They both attend a party (the cute Kumi arriving later because she wanted her hair to be just right) and see their boys. Sexy Kumi immediately has the confidence to go talk to him while cute Kumi takes a while to really believe in herself and “run for her life” to go talk to him. The video ends with everyone dancing and both Kumis getting their boys. It was a cute video that went well with the song and its inclusion on the PV collection was a good idea.

A personal favorite, the PV for BUT, appears next. This video features a bunch of colors, a fun hotel and some maids. The PV opens with Kumi sleeping in a chair with her wrist tied by a chain, which she struggles to break free from. After breaking the chain, she runs to the elevator, now clothed in a rainbow fun outfit. Once the elevator doors open, a bunch of maids appear, who Kumi spend time flirting with at points throughout the video. At one point, she even kisses one of them to really make it a Kumi signature video. The PV ends with the maids making out and Kuu sleeping again in her chair. The video is definitely one of Kuu’s best and an extremely enjoyable visual representation of the amazing song.

The LAST ANGEL PV appears as the semifinal video. The video is pretty simple as it mostly features Kumi and the boys of Tohoshinki dancing in all white / silver. There is also a scene of Kumi looking outside her window to see the true Nightmare World. The video ends with a robotic ball flying at full force into Kumi’s window, which then crashes into her eye. Overall it was a nice PV but could been a little stronger.

A live performance was filmed for the PV for Black Cherry. The performance came from KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2007 ~BLACK CHERRY~ SPECIAL FINAL IN TOKYO DOME. Kumi and her dancers definitely work the whole pirate theme as Kuu is dressed in a sparkling blue pirate-inspired outfit along with a great hat. The performance was pretty nice as everything seemed to work together. The dark stage was lit with blue lights, which complimented Kumi’s outfit and the two worked with the large screen, which featured water to resemble an aquarium. The crowd went crazy when the breakdown part came as she did the little rap section at the end as the lighting changed to really put a focus on Kuu and her dancers. Her vocals were nice throughout to make an enjoyable performance.

PV Collection: A –

All the PVs from the Kingdom era are featured on the 1st DVD disc of the album and together they made an enjoyable viewing. All the emotions are portrayed in the set to really capture the feelings found in the songs.

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MEG – HEART [12th Single]

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MEG’s 12th single, entitled HEART, was released on 05.07.08. The title track was used as Dariya Cosmetic’s PALTY CM song.

HEART is a fun techno track that also captures a more relaxing feel. The song opens strongly with a techno-blasting instrumentation before the first verse comes in. The distorted vocals work with the sound of the music to capture an atmosphere perfectly. Due to a little introduction through music into the chorus, it stands out strongly. She holds the ending note of the chorus very nicely and it puts a nice spin on things. The song is rather simplistic but it’s a nice listen and is fun.

The other song on the single is NATALIE <FM16 MIX.> The opening instrumentation along with the stange distorted vocals from MEG introduce the song well to a fun and pretty techno sound. There is almost a video-game quality to the instrumentation that goes with her voice perfectly to create an enjoyable and fun sound. The hook serves as a bridge to the chorus as new instruments are introduced that come stronger in the chorus. The chorus sounds great and the distorted vocals only add to the fun flavor of the song. The song does kind of drag on at the end but it’s still a fun song that is pretty.

In order to promote the single, a PV for HEART was made. The video is pretty simplistic as it consists of MEG at home baking and watching television with her dog. There is something about the colors that just didn’t work for the PV and creates a strange feeling. Overall, the PV was all right and nothing special.

Single Ranking: B +

MEG’s 12th single features two tracks. HEART is a nice techno song that has a certain relaxing atmosphere to it as well. NATALIE <FM16 MIX> is a pretty techno track that features a wonderful instrumentation.

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Utada Hikaru – Prisoner Of Love [21st Single]

May 22, 2008 at 8:40 pm (Utada Hikaru) (, )

Utada Hikaru’s 21st single, entitled Prisoner Of Love, was released on 05.21.08. Due to its tie-in with Japanese dorama Last Friends, the single became a re-cut single from her latest album HEART STATION. The single features both the original version of the song as well as Prisoner Of Love -Quiet Version.-

Prisoner Of Love was featured on HEART STATION and the same song was featured as the title song of the single. The song opens up with Hikki singing “I’m a prisoner of love” before the first verse starts. Hikki’s vocals combined with the beautiful music combine to really bring the emotional quality behind the lyrics shining through. The hook begins to introduce new instruments that come stronger in the chorus and is one of the best parts of the song. The chorus shows off Hikki’s voice, which sounds beautiful here and really makes the song pop. The third verse is sung deeper and the transition from that verse into the final choruses is wonderful. The song finishes strongly as she repeats some lines, primarily in English. Prisoner Of Love was one of the strongest songs on HEART STATION and the choice to release it as a single was a wise one.

The single also features Prisoner Of Love ~Quiet Version.~ There is an instrumental focus which gives the song more of an orchestral feeling to it. This version isn’t that different from the original and one element that the original possessed was its strong emotional connection, which doesn’t come across as strongly on this one. The piano is certainly lovely but the original version is far superior.

In order to promote the new single, a PV for Prisoner Of Love was made. It bears a certain similarity to the PV for Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version- only better. Scenes from the video include Hikki recording the song in a red shirt as well as Hikki in the process of writing and recording the song.

Single Ranking: B +

Hikki’s 21st single, Prisoner Of Love, was released on 05.21.08. As a re-cut single from HEART STATION, the single features both the original version of Prisoner Of Love as well as a quiet version. The quiet version centers on the piano to put more of a spotlight on Hikki’s vocals. The single is definitely nice but it would have been even nicer if some sort of B-side was included.

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Otsuka Ai – ロケットスニーカー / One x Time [17th Single]

May 22, 2008 at 7:47 pm (Otsuka Ai) (, )

Otsuka Ai’s 17th single, ロケットスニーカー / One X Time, was released on 05.21.08. ロケットスニーカー was used as the ending theme for the Japanese dorama “Sanma no Manma.”

ロケットスニーカー is one of Ai’s regular upbeat and poppy songs. The song begins strongly with Ai’s vocals with a more laidback instrumentation before coming into the true sound of the song. The instruments used in the song differ from her traditional uptempo songs such as featuring the piano. The verses feature a catchiness that Ai’s vocals work well with and then the chorus comes. Unlike a few other uptempo and happy songs from Ai, the chorus doesn’t particularly stand apart from the rest of the song as there is no musical or vocal introduction to it. There is a section featuring adlibs from Ai but unfortunately, it doesn’t as strong as hoped. Overall, the song is a rough around the edges but it’s all right.

One X Time is a nice midtempo song. It begins with the piano playing accompanied by snapping before more instruments come into the picture to create a beautiful flourish of sounds. The verses start and Ai uses a lower vocal approach to work with the song. When the chorus comes, it doesn’t stand out as strong as hoped much like the previous song. However, Ai’s vocals are great in this one and the breathy approach that she sometimes uses works perfectly with the instrumentation. Overall, One X Time is nice but it could have been a lot more.

空とくじら, the B-side, is a nice slow song. The song begins with a guitar playing before the verse starts and Ai sings in a lower register. It works well with the music but isn’t as strong as Ai is capable of. The good thing about this song is that the chorus stands out with Ai’s vocals and the consistency of the instrumentation doesn’t hinder the song. The pure instrumental section is actually very nice and spotlights how pretty the instrumentation is. Overall, the song is pretty good and the instrumentation is nice, even if basic. Her vocals sound great and work well with the music.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ロケットスニーカー was made but unfortunately it didn’t turn out so well. The entire video consists of mutliple Ais in a space world. The video is very disappointing and the song definitely deserved more.

Single Ranking: B –

ロケットスニーカー is a nice uptempo track that has a relaxing element to it. The song’s problem is that the instrumentation is a bit too basic and sometimes, her voice sounds a little rough in conjunction with the music. Much like the other A-side, One X Time has something lacking about it that prevents it from being great. However her vocals sound great here and is a definite plus for the song. 空とくじら is a nice song that relies on the guitar as well as Ai’s good vocals. Overall, this single was missing some of Ai’s magic because the songs were “nice” and “okay” but they didn’t blow it out of the water like she can do.

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ayaka – おかえり [9th Single]

May 17, 2008 at 10:57 pm (ayaka) (, )

ayaka’s 9th single, entitled おかえり, was released on 05.14.08. The single recieved a tie-in as the theme song for the Japanese dorama Zettai Kareshi.

おかえり, the title track is an uptempo relaxing song. The song begins with some great vocals by ayaka alongside a soft instrumentation before coming into a louder sound. The verses have a certain catchiness that work well with ayaka’s vocals. Right before the chorus comes a great note that ties the verse to the chorus. The chorus is nice and the way she sings the title certainly stands out strongly but there is an element missing that could have made it even stronger. The pure instrumental section is nice as it draws strength of the music before going into the third verse, which features some absolutely great vocals from ayaka. A strong instrumentation finishes off the song wonderfully and brings the song to a perfect close. おかえり is an enjoyable uptempo track that is still has a relaxing element to it.

The B-side of the single, 迷路, begins with an absolutely awesome instrumentation before going into the first verse. ayaka’s vocals work very well with the music, which features a rock taste. The hook serves as a bridge between the verses and the chorus, which is pretty simple but works well with the overall feel of the song. The pure instrumental section really showcases the power and catchiness of the music and the slightly distorted vocals sound great. The following third verse is perfect with a certain breathiness aspect delivered by ayaka that works in the context of the song. The wonderful instrumentation finishes off the song perfectly and brings the awesome song to an awesome close. 迷路 is a strong song with an element of rock behind the instrumentation that works well with ayaka’s vocals. Although the song is the B-side, it is definitely A-side quality and should have been the single’s A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for おかえり was made. Much like Jewelry day, there is an element of simplicity that makes the video very enjoyable. The scenes where ayaka is standing on a bridge has an absolutely beautiful view. The animated bubbles are a bit strange and perhaps they would have worked better if real ones were used but the PV was enjoyable overall.

Single Ranking: A –

ayaka’s 9th single features two strong songs. The A-side, おかえり, is a nice relaxing and uptempo track that soudns great. The B-side, 迷路, is even stronger and features a rock sound, which suits ayaka’s voice perfectly. Hopefully ayaka’s new album will feature the same quality as these tracks.

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Leah Dizon – Under The Same Sky [PV Review]

May 13, 2008 at 7:21 am (Leah Dizon) ()

Under The Same Sky is the B-side to Leah Dizon’s latest single, Love Paradox. Soon after the single’s release, it was announced that Under The Same Sky would be the theme song for the drama Tokyo Prom Queen, which Leah would be guest-starring in. In order to further promote the drama, a PV was made for Under The Same Sky.

In keeping with the atmosphere established from the song, the director decided to play on a “pretty” theme. One scene includes Leah sitting on a flower made of crystals and her look along with the beauty of the flower combines to make a gorgeous scene. Falling stars only amplicate the scene’s beauty and capture the feel of Under The Same Sky perfectly. There are also many face shots of Leah that focus particularly on her eyes and her lips. She is also seen standing behind a window looking out on a terrific view as rain falls upon the window. In order to also promote the drama, scenes from Tokyo Prom Queen are also intertwined within the video. The PV for Under The Same Sky is very pretty and is the concept behind the video, although simple, works very well in the context of the song.

PV Ranking: A –

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DOUBLE and Amuro Namie – BLACK DIAMOND [Song + PV Review]

May 11, 2008 at 9:33 pm (DOUBLE) ()

In order to promote DOUBLE’s new CD, THE BEST COLLABORATIONS, Amuro Namie was chosen to work with her on a new song entitled BLACK DIAMOND.

The song begins with an absolutely hot instrumentation before Namie takes her verse. Her vocals work so well with the music, this type of song truly is her niche. Coming after Namie’s verse is the hook performed by DOUBLE with Namie vocalizing. Namie then sings the chorus, which is entirely in English, and she sounds absolutely great. DOUBLE then sings her verse and Namie sings the same hook. Following is DOUBLE singing the same chorus and although her final line sounds a bit screechy, it still sounds great. After a small instrumental section, the girls repeatedly say “black diamond” before the two of them deliver the third verse. Their vocals are great and mesh well with the music. Finally, the girls deliver a set of two choruses and the same slick instrumentation finishes the song off. BLACK DIAMOND is a great song in which both girls really bring their A-game.

Song Ranking: A +

To further promote the album, a PV was made for BLACK DIAMOND. The video centers around both girls who attempt to get the black diamond from the security guards protecting it. At the end of the video, the jewel is stolen and the guards return in great shock. It’s unclear which girl was able to retrieve the diamond, which only adds to the coolness of the video. Other scenes are dancing scenes, which Namie pulls off effortlessly. DOUBLE’s movements tend to be a bit stiff at times but she does a good job of keeping up with Namie. There are also scenes with DOUBLE and Namie alone wearing all black in front of a wind tunnel. In another scene, DOUBLE and Namie are seen in a black room surrounded by glowing black diamonds. Overall the PV was great and really complimented the song.                                                        

PV Ranking: A                                                                                  

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mihimaru GT – ギリギリ HERO [17th Single]

May 11, 2008 at 11:37 am (Mihimaru GT) (, )

mihimaru GT’s 17th single, entitled ギリギリ HERO, was released on 04.30.08. The single received a tie-in as Shibasaki Kou’s movie entitled Shaolin Shoujo.

The title track, ギリギリ HERO, is a nice pop track. Opening up quickly with a small instrumentation followed by some somewhat soft vocals. The chorus has a nice light beat to it that’s enjoyable and makes the transition into the first verse smooth once the beat plays more of a presence. The rap sections also work well with the music and adds a little more spice to the song. The song is a nice listen and although there isn’t one true amazing stand-out moment, it’s still nice to listen to.

恋する気持ち is the first B-side to the single. The song begins with a beautiful piano interlude before the first verse, which features soft vocals that mesh well with the instrumentation. The chorus is nice as the vocals are still good and the instrumentation is still nice. However it doesn’t really stand apart from the rest of the song as much as it should have. The sections that are just instrumentation are gorgeous and work in the song’s favor. Overall it’s a nice song but a little on the boring side. A larger vocal range could have pushed the song to the next level.

BOW WOW SYSTEM GO is the single’s second B-side. Opening up with a cool sounding instrumentation, there is a crazy cuteness established once the vocals of the chorus come into the picture. The raps are a nice addition to the song and works perfectly with the overall atmosphere of the song. Hearing both members rap is definitely a fun treat and sound great together. Overall the song is the strongest on the single and should’ve been the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV was made for ギリギリ HERO was made. The video is simple as it primarily of clips from Shaolin Shoujo as well as scenes of the two members on a football field. There isn’t much to say about the video but it does promote its tie-in, which is the purpose of a PV.

Single Ranking: B

ギリギリ HERO is mihimaru GT’s 17th single and features three tracks. The title track is a nice and fun pop song with a highly enjoyable instrumentation. 恋する気持ち is a nice ballad that features a beautiful instrumentaiton and some nice vocals but is a little boring. BOW WOW SYSTEM GO is the best song on the single for its big energy and fun atmosphere. A little more variation on the first two tracks would have made the single even better.

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NEWS – SUMMER TIME [9th Single]

May 11, 2008 at 1:14 am (NEWS) (, )

NEWS’s 9th single, entitled SUMMER TIME, was released on 05.07.08. The A-side was received a tie-in as the Crymson/RUSS-K CM song. The single follows the format of their previous single with one B-side present on both editions (EASY COME, EASY GO). Each edition then features another B-side that is exclusive to the specific edition: Liar (Limited Edition) and Baby! Be My Baby! (Regular Edition).

SUMMER TIME is the A-side of the single and is perfect for the summer. The song begins with a sweet instrumentation before the chorus comes in with the singing of “this is the summer time.” Although the lyrics are primarily are in Japanese, a few English phrases really pop, particularly the ending chorus line as the boys sing “beautiful days” with great harmnonization. The verses feature nice vocals and the fun atmosphere is strongly established. The third verse is a rap that sounds fun and has a cute element that makes it so enjoyable. The same sweet instrumentaion finishes off the song as the boys sing “this is the summer time” for a strong finish to a great song. SUMMER TIME is a nice and fun song that was made for summer and the boys did an excellent job on this one.

EASY COME, EASY GO is a B-side that is found on both editions of the single. An upbeat and breezy atmosphere is created with the opening chorus as they open with “easy come, easy go” and finish with “have a nice day.” The verses are mellow and the vocals go perfectly with the instrumentation, which establishes the feel of a lazy and relaxing summer day. The third verse draws more attention to the music and the central instrument: the electric guitar. The pure instrumental section is highly enjoyable as it puts emphasis on the strong instrumentation. EASY COME, EASY GO is definitely another song perfect for summer and finds a perfect home on this single.

The limited edition of the single features the rock track, Liar. The track opens up with a cool rock sound before booming louder. The verses features lyrics are delivered with a slickness that comes off as very cool. The chorus is easily the most addictive part of the song as it begins with the English phrase “you are lying.” The vocals show power and control here as they mesh well the instrumentation. As the boys sing “liar,” that cool feeling returns when there is a greater instrumental presence and the note is drawn out well. The short third verse features English lyrics as there is a slight instrumental change that spotlights the words. A hot rock beat finishes off the song perfectly, making Liar an excellent track that shows the true versatility behind the boys’ voices.

Baby! Be My Baby! is only present on the regular edition of the single. The song opens up with instrumentation that also seems to channel a summer sound before diving into the first verse. The vocals are at their usual consistency and work well with the music. The chorus is nice and fun as they sing “baby, me my baby” repeatedly throughout this section and their harmonization is great as usual. It’s a pretty short song but it’s still enjoyable and a perfect compliment to the single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SUMMER TIME was made. The PV opens up with Massu coming to an abandoned beach house and his imagination comes forward as he finds and opens a pop-up book. The rest of the video shows his daydreams of having the rest of the group at the beach house with him. The use of computer graphics were a great touch as they helped capture the overall mood of the song. The other scenes in the song also show the feel of the song: Pi cleaning a surfboard, Tego making smoothies, Ryo and Massu washing clothes, etc. It’s very enjoyable and although simple, it’s cute and fun, just like the song.

Single Ranking: A

SUMMER TIME is a single that offers a lot from NEWS. The A-side is a fun and poppy song that captures the element of summer perfectly. EASY COME, EASY GO is continues the summer sound that is more mellow but still great nonetheless. Liar strays away from the summer sound to a rock sound that comes off very strongly. Baby! Be My Baby! comes back to the summer atmosphere with a fun and poppy sound. SUMMER TIME is an excellent single that features some great tracks.

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Tanimura Nana – JUNGLE DANCE [3rd Single]

May 10, 2008 at 11:28 am (Tanimura Nana) (, )

Tanimura Nana’s 3rd single, entitled JUNGLE DANCE, was released on 05.07.08. JUNGLE DANCE was used as the ending theme in May song for HEY HEY HEY MUSIC CHAMP

JUNGLE DANCE, the A-side, is an exciting track featuring a great Latin sound. Opening up with a catchy and funky Latin instrumental, the first verse is introduced nicely. Nana’s vocals sound good and have another power to project without going overboard. The chorus is easily the most addictive part of the song as it opens up with English: “Everybody do the jungle dance.” The little breakdown with instrumentation that features a drum sound is definitely a hot change before going into a distorted repitition of Nana singing “jungle dance.” JUNGLE DANCE is a great song that shows Nana’s fun and sexy side.

The first B-side to this single is Ooh… The song begins with a foreign sounding instrumental accompanied by some smooth and sexy vocals from Nana. The verse begins with Nana’s great vocals that work well with the music as the arrangement directs her and she follows. The chorus features two sets of vocals: one softer, more breathier set while the other is slightly more powerful while still keeping with the tone of the song. The third verse keeps the song interesting by featuring a slightly different arrangement and she hits some amazing melismatic notes at the end of the verse. Ooh… is one of Nana’s best songs to date and is definitely A-side material.

Place of Love is the other B-side to this single. Following the sexy and slow sound from Ooh… comes a hot and upbeat track made for dancing. The chorus is absolutely addictive with a hot party beat and Nana’s vocals sound perfect in conjunction with them. The verses have an interesting arrangmeent so Nana delivers some of the lyrics with a slick swiftness that is just so appealing. Place of Love finishes the song with a bang and is one of Nana’s strongest efforts to date.

In order to promote the single, a PV for JUNGLE DANCE was made. The PV features Nana in a club and there is some pretty cool dancing. From her outfit to the dancing, there is definitely a sexy vibe that she is pursuing and she sounds perfectly at home here. Although it’s nothing particularly stellar, it works well with the song and is just fun.

Single Ranking: A

Tanimura Nana’s 3rd single, JUNGLE DANCE, is a solid release featuring three great songs. JUNGLE DANCE channels a fun Latin sound to spice things up for Nana. The chorus is catchy and her vocals are on point. Ooh… is a sexy ballad that really showcases Nana’s powerful voice. She effortlessly hits strong melismatic notes to accompany a beautiful instrumentation. Place of Love is an absolute dance song that is fun with even more great vocals from Nana. The whole single is an unforgettable package and is a good sign for Nana in the future.

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