Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow and NYC boys – 悪魔な恋 / NYC [Debut Single]

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Akuma na Koi Limited A Cover

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow’s debut single, entitled 悪魔な恋 / NYC, was released on 07.15.09. The single also features temporary unit NYC boys, a group which also includes Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri. 悪魔な恋 was used as the theme song to the dorama Koishite Akuma ~Vampire Boy,~ starring members Nakayama Yuma and Nakajima Kento. NYC was used as the image song 2009 Women’s Volleyball World Grand Prix.

悪魔な恋 is a cool styled upbeat number delivered by Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow. The song opens up with a really cool and sleek instrumental that kind of have a Western feel to it, catching the listener’s interest immediately. Then Yuma comes in on the first verse and gives some very nice vocals that suit the music well. English phrases such as “time” and “so lonely” stand out and give the song a little more flavor. The chorus features a more involved instrumental and thus it stands out a little stronger. The boys of B.I. Shadow get their chance to shine, sort of, when they sing “just give me your smile.” They don’t have any other solo parts except for these little lines, which seems very unfair. The boys give some great vocals at the start of the third verse and the inclusion of different instruments makes this verse really shine. It’s a great start for this group although the lines need to be fairly distributed to the other four members.

NYC calls on Yamada and Chinen for a more upbeat positive traditional Johnny’s debut styled song. The song opens up with the chorus, featuring English lines like “love love love and peace” and “you you you and love,” giving a quite cheesy feeling. The “sky high” parts feature some noticeable singing from the boys of B.I. Shadow but the whole song is primarily done by Yamada, Chinen and Yuma in front with the others essentially providing backup vocals. On the verses, the three all do a good job on their separate parts and give their coolness to the song. Yamada’s “kiss me baby” during the chorus adds a little spice to the full chorus after the first verse. One part that particularly stands out is the pure instrumental section, which is perfect for a dance breakdown, keeping the listener’s attention easily. Overall, it’s a typical debut song and not one that will blow the listener away. Perhaps if the other four got their own lines, it would have been better. This song definitely doesn’t stand strong up against Ultra Music Power.

Dial Up is the B-side that appears on both limited editions of the single and is sung by NYC boys. The sound of a telephone dialing is heard and then the upbeat and spicy instrumental comes in, with some Spanish influences that shine strongly. Yuma sounds great as he starts the first verse, his vocals really giving that coolness that suits the music perfectly. Yamada and Chinen also sound good on their parts of the verse as well. Unfortunately, what kills the song is the chorus. It doesn’t sound bad but it’s absolutely too repetitive. The first chorus doesn’t fall into this trap but the various ones near the end certainly do. The rap section sounds very interesting with Yamada and Chinen both giving their own style to it. Another reptitive part is when they repeat “I can say it yeah” so many times. If the song wasn’t so repetitive, it actually would have been very interesting.

蒼い季節 is only available on the regular edition of the single. The song begins with a hot jazzy upbeat instrumental that will definitely capture the interest of the listener. On the first verse, Yamada sounds great and shows off his cool side for all to hear. Yuma and Chinen also have their time to shine alongside him and sound. The chorus is full of energy and fun, which makes it a very strong part of the song. Although the listener can barely hear the boys of B.I. Shadow, they make the vocals a bit fuller. One of the most memorable parts of the song is the ending when they repeat two words, three times each. The pure instrumental section has a cool degree of aggression in it that really catches the ear and makes a nice transition back into the chorus. This is definitely a fantastic song and should have been the other A-side, replacing NYC.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for each A-side. The 悪魔な恋 PV features the boys in an old abandoned house. Yuma takes pictures of everyone in the group smiling, which fits the lyric “just give me your smile.” Fuma plays the guitar, Kento reads a book and Hokuto and Yuugo look cute as always. Another scene includes the group singing. This was definitely the better video and showed off all the boys quite nicely. The NYC PV is simple, featuring the boys sing and dance to the song in a big room surrounded by a bunch of Johnny’s Juniors on different levels. It’s colorful and happy, fitting with the song nicely although it’s a little dull.

Single Ranking: A –

A new debut from Johnny’s has been coming and he certainly picked the right people. Kento and Hokuto are hilarious; Fuma is extremely loveable and Yuugo is the most kawaii kid you’ll ever see. Yuma certainly does have talent although he’s getting so much of the spotlight, it feels like there isn’t enough for the other four boys. Then add Yamada and Chinen to the mix and they get pushed back to the role of backup to these three. 悪魔な恋 and 蒼い季節 are both fantastic song and definitely will catch the listener’s ear while the other two fall into the trap of repetitiveness. It’s good that NYC boys is only a temporary unit because it would be great to see the other four boys grow and show off their talents.

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