Natsumi Abe – スクリーン [11th Single]

December 22, 2008 at 1:34 am (Natsumi Abe) (, )


Natsumi Abe’s 11th single, entitled スクリーン, was released on 12.03.08.

スクリーン, a relaxing pop number, is the title track. The song starts off with an upbeat instrumental that has a sort of cute vibe and an almost delicate feel to it, much like a screen. Then the first verse begins and Abe’s vocals are nice here and the instrumental is nice although it doesn’t have that spark that the listener hopes for. There is something more magical about the chorus that really works in the song’s favor. She has certain moments where her vocals really shine and these moments coincide with certain sparkling instrumental moments. On the pure instrumental, the instrumentation takes on a slightly different tone and while it is enjoyable, it was stronger when it was lighter. Overall though, it’s an enjoyable song worth the listen.

さよならさえ言えぬまま is the single’s B-side. The song begins with a very pretty piano, opening the listener to a very natural and relaxing atmosphere. Then the first verse starts and Abe comes in with some very pretty vocals, that just perfectly graze the instrumental. She holds this one note before the chorus and even though it doesn’t last very long, it’s definitely a standout part of the song because her voice just carries that magic. She portrays the emotions very strongly on the chorus as she gives a stronger vocal performance, especially when she sings the title of the song. The pure instrumental section is nice because the listener gets a nice spotlight on the guitar before being lead back into the chorus. This is an excellent song as Abe gives fantastic vocals that portray her emotions well over a very natural  and pretty instrumental.

In order to promote the single, a PV for スクリーン was made. The video is very simple with the primary scene being of Abe standing in a large room as the camera spins to catch her at various angles. There are a few other scenes where she looks very pretty as well. Even though not very much goes on, it’s simple and that fits perfectly with the song’s sound.

Single Ranking: A

スクリーン is a great single coming from Abe. The title track has a relaxing atmosphere while still having a catchy pop sound, which is a great combination for this song. It’s actually the B-side, さよならさえ言えぬまま, that is the single’s selling point. It really captures the natural emotions well and give them to the listener. She definitely did a good job on this single and it gives me hope for her in the future.

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