Misia – Catch The Rainbow [3rd Digital Single]

September 1, 2008 at 5:03 pm (Misia) (, )

Misia’s 3rd digital single, entitled Catch The Rainbow, was released on 08.30.08.

The song begins with her name being said as the cool dance instrumentation comes into play. There is a really sweet and fun feeling that comes through the music that keeps the listener interested. Misia then comes in with the first verse and her vocals move with the music well as there is a deepness that soon leaves when she shows off her vocal talents. The transition into the chorus is so subtle that it’s almost hard to differentiate the verse from the chorus. However the listener is so entranced by the amazing instrumentation that it doesn’t come across as a bad thing. Closing the song is more instrumentation, which is the perfect way to finish this song. Catch The Rainbow is a fun dance song, definitely worth of praise.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Catch The Rainbow was made. The video is very simple as it features Misia singing the song with colorful banners running across the top and bottom of the screen. Some of the lyrics are seen as she sings them and she looks very pretty so it matches the rainbow element of the song. It’s a nice watch and it fits the song well.

Single Ranking: A

Catch The Rainbow is an addictive song because of the hot instrumentation. Misia’s vocals then bring the song to life, really capturing the listener from beginning to end.


  1. tranQuilla said,

    I think this is one of her worst singles 😦 She’s still an awesome singer though.

  2. amaiyume said,

    hahaha, I’ve had it on repeat for the past day! I think the music is really addictive and I think it sucks it’s not going to be released physically. Oh well, maybe on the next album?

    Personally I like these kind of songs from Misia. It kind of reminds me of Royal Chocolate Flush, which I love.

  3. Raid said,


    Misia is coming to Singapore this month, and I have no idea whether I should go catch her or not, considering I don’t even know her all that much…. xD

  4. amaiyume said,

    well it would be kinda cool to see a J-Pop artist in your country.
    I’ve actually only listened to her latest album, Eighth World and this single but if she’s performing this, Royal Chocolate Flush and Ishin Deshin [totally forgot how to spell this, 1st song on her last album] then I would have hope for the setlist.

    She actually has a really good voice. But I don’t recommend going through a whole bunch of ballads from her XD

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