Seara Kojo – 君となら絶好調 [2nd Single]

March 3, 2009 at 8:37 pm (Seara Kojo) (, )


Seara Kojo’s 2nd single, entitled 君となら絶好調, was released on 02.04.09. The single has a few different tie-ins, the primary one being the theme song for the Destiny Links DS game.

君となら絶好調 is calm pop-rock track. The song begins with the guitar, introducing the rock-like atmosphere nicely before the actual instrumentation comes in, which is catchy and has a sort of light-hearted atmosphere. Then she sings the first verse and she exhibits controlled vocals that support the overall feeling of the song. It would have been nicer if she gave a little stronger vocal performance on the chorus to make it stand out or if the music was a little more diverse. Nonetheless, it’s nice and fits in with the verses. It’s an okay song, a little basic but enjoyable nonetheless.

The B-side is the cool catching number, teens. The song is nice and has a sort of earthy and natural feel that will catch the listener’s ears. Seara’s vocals are shown off here too as she hits the higher notes strongly and with emotion, really supporting the atmosphere of the song.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 君となら絶好調 was made. The video is very basic, just featuring Seara rocking out. Her style does make the video stand out a little more and she looks really cool. Overall though, it’s nothing that great.

Single Ranking: B

Seara’s first major single is nothing to just gloss over. Both 君となら絶好調 and teens have kind of a cool spirit that will catch the listenre’s attention. It’s not as strong as her debut Rival Project single, JOY but it’s nice to see in the game.

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