Aira Mitsuki – プラスティックドール [PV Review]

July 2, 2009 at 2:29 am (Aira Mitsuki) (, )

Plastic Doll Promo

In order to promote Aira Mitsuki’s upcoming album, PLASTIC, a PV for プラスティックドール was made. PLASTIC will be released on 07.22.09. The song itself will be reviewed alongside the rest of the album when it is released.

The プラスティックドール PV features an actual storyline, perhaps a first for Aira. The plastic doll is seen running through town and slowly, loses his limbs one by one. As he loses the limb, it magically vanishes and Aira’s limb becomes plastic. The video goes on until the actual plastic doll breaks and Aira becomes a doll completely. The song itself has such a fantasy feel to it and this little storyline really suits the video perfectly. Other scenes include close-up shots and shots of Aira playing the drums. This was a great way to promote PLASTIC and the song definitely does that as well, leaving the listener wanting to hear the rest of the album.

PV Ranking: A

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alan – 合唱[懐かしい未来 ~longing future~] + Together [PV Review]

March 13, 2009 at 5:49 pm (alan) (, )


In order to promote alan’s new album, Voice of EARTH, two new PVs were made: one for 合唱[懐かしい未来 ~longing future~] and one for Together (included only on First Press Bonus Track editions of the album).

The PV for 合唱[懐かしい未来 ~longing future~] is pretty simple, just featuring alan going to a school and accompanying the children in singing the song. alan kind of wanders the school and at the end, she’s in the middle of the crowd of children singing. alan looks great and the children are adorable so it’s kind of nice despite its simplicity. It would have just been better to make a PV for one of the new tracks but I suppose it’s no harm, no foul.

PV Ranking: B

Much like the other PV, the PV for Together is extremely simple. The central image is of alan in an empty house and just singing. The thing that is very noticeable about her here is the natural look. She’s not wearing makeup and her hair looks very simple and natural. Another scene features alan on a beach and singing. There were some strange animated effects that came off as a little cheesy. It does communicate the simple nature of the song perfectly but it could have been nicer.

PV Ranking: B –

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Nakashima Mika – GAME [Song + PV Review]

March 1, 2009 at 5:01 pm (Nakashima Mika) (, )


In order to promote Nakashima Mika’s new compilation album, entitled NO MORE RULES, a new track was added onto the album. GAME was used as her final CM song for Kanebo Kate Cosmetics seeing as her contract with them is ending.

GAME is a fun and relaxing number. The song starts off with a calming instrumental that has a very natural element about it before the sirens come in and pick up the pace. Mika’s vocals on the first verse sound great and really compliment the upbeat and funky music well. She even gives a chuckle and there’s something about the little giggle that makes the song all the more personable. There isn’t really a transition between the verse and the chorus but the sections are still distinguishable. That last vocalization of the chorus is a great way to finish it off before moving into the second verse. The third verse features some English phrases and they actually stand out nicely with the various references to stages and the “please don’t touch me” and “game over.” GAME is a very enjoyable track and a good way for Mika to end her contract with.

Song Ranking: B +

In order to promote the single, a PV for GAME was made. Not much happens in this video. It’s basically Mika in a dark room singing, both sitting and standing. There’s a lot of money around and the scenes with the gun seemed a bit strange but I guess they made the video a little more interesting. Honestly, it’s not really worth the watch but it’s better than no PV, I guess.

PV Ranking: C

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Koda Kumi – show girl + JUST THE WAY YOU ARE [PV Review]

February 7, 2009 at 11:43 pm (Koda Kumi) (, )


Available on the 1st DVD of Koda Kumi’s new album, TRICK, are two album PVs for show girl and JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

kkshowgirlThe first new PV is for show girl. The video begins with a black and white scene of Kumi and her boyfriend. She pleads him not to go but he does anyone, which prompts the absolutely hilarious scene of Kumi crying (as seen to your left). She sees the majestic show girls on stage and with a flyer that states the company is looking for new dancers, Kumi forms a plan. After impressing the judges with her sexy moves, she gets accepted and prepares for the show. On the chorus, she appears with the other girls and shows the crowd what she’s got. The other primary scene of the video is of Kumi sitting in a chair, wearing a fur coat and being fabulous and she is adored by everyone. Seeing the new Kumi, the old boyfriend comes into the crowd and tries to get her back. However she remembers how cold to her he was and gives him the “no finger.” An old man then appears in the crowd and offers her a gorgeous necklace, which she gladly accepts. They begin to walk off together but Kmi fakes a trip so that the people come rushing to check if she’s okay, pushing the man to the back. During that final instrumental sequence, the video’s credits roll and it’s hilarious that almost every single aspect of the video is done by Kuu. Every single thing you can name, she did it: editing, lighting, costumes, casting, makeup designer, nailist, etc. In fact, the only thing not done by her is the choreography and her dancers.

The PV for JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is much more simple but that’s why it’s a perfect fit for the song. Scenes from this video include Kumi and her friends chatting a restaurant, the group walking through an amusement park, the girls having fun one of the rides (which is a very fun ride) as well a scene of Kumi on a merry-go-round. The video is absolutely adorable and it really communicates the whole theme of friendship. It will make the viewer want to smile along with Kumi and her friends.

PV Rankings: A +

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GIRL NEXT DOOR – Winter Game ~冬のプロペラ~ [PV Review]

January 4, 2009 at 6:08 am (GIRL NEXT DOOR) (, )


In order to promote GIRL NEXT DOOR’s debut self-titled album, a PV was made for the album track Winter Game ~冬のプロペラ.~ I understand that the attempt was to be cute and make the video follow the actions of the little kids but honestly, it came off as a little weird. The comic book effects were just too much. Truthfully the only redeeming point about this video was that Chisa looked absolutely beautiful and the falling scenes looked very graceful and pretty. It’s definitely not a memorable video and not even worth sitting the whole way through because once you’ve seen the first few seconds, you get the idea.

PV Ranking: D

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Kuraki Mai – touch Me! [PV Review]

December 29, 2008 at 4:21 am (Kuraki Mai) (, )


In order to promote Kuraki Mai’s upcoming album, touch Me!, a new PV was made for the album’s title track.

For some strange reason, Mai’s album promotional videos seem to always have a limited budget with not much going on (i.e. ONE LIFE’s title track PV) and this new one is no different. In fact, the entire video is like a live performance of the song so it’s not particularly interesting. The one thing about the video that stands out nicely is the diamonds, which turned out to be a nice touch. And she did look pretty, which is worth something. Overall, it’s a pretty disappointing video but if you’re familiar with her album PVs, then it doesn’t really come as any surprise.

PV Ranking: C

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