Leah Dizon – Step into my world [PV Review]

August 26, 2008 at 5:02 pm (Leah Dizon) (, )

In order to further promote Leah Dizon’s latest album, entitled Communication!!!, a PV for Step into my world was made. The video was not included in the CD + DVD edition of the album however.

The video begins with a record being played on a record player, which attones for the scratching sound as the twinkling instrumentation is introduced. Leah is then seen behind a black background with yellow stars spread out throughout the black. She is dressed very nicely here and looks very pretty. The rest of the video features two Leahs as they interact with each other from different places. This includes one Leah taking off her bracelet and dropping it to the other Leah so that she may use it as a hula-hoop as well as one Leah dropping a ball to the other who plays with it and then returns it. Other scenes include the two Leahs dancing, the two singing as well as the two eating chocolate. It’s actually a really cute video and is a good fit for the song. The only mis-step with this video is the animated Leah who repeatedly winks which does not look so cute. It should have definitely been removed but otherwise, the video is cute and worth checking out.

PV Ranking: B +

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Amuro Namie – Do More More + Sexy Girl [New Songs + PVs]

July 16, 2008 at 1:17 pm (Amuro Namie) (, )

In order to promote Amuro Namie’s new BEST album entitled BEST FICTION, two new tracks open and close the album. The two songs are Do Me More and Sexy Girl respectively. Due to the great success of Namie’s collaboration with Vidal Sassoon on previous single 60s70s80s, Do Me More was used in another CM with the same company while Sexy Girl was used as the theme song for the Japanese dorama Otome no Punch.

Do Me More, a cool and fun song, is the lead-in track for BEST FICTION. The song opens up with a mysterious instrumental that entrances the listener.Namie sings “un, deux, trois” and then the song’s true sound begins. The opening instrumentation really has a feeling that takes the listener into another world and definitely works with the whole concept of BEST FICTION. Namie’s vocals during the first verse are somewhat soft but sound great with the music and definitely to look for. The hook features a more delicate sound to fit perfectly with Namie’s vocals and the little instrumental section right before the chorus sounds great. The chorus is pretty catchy as Namie shows off a little more, vocally. What particularly grabs the listener is at the end of the chorus as she sings “more, more, do me more” and there is the same little instrumental flare, which is so addictive. The little repeating section of Namie singing “it’s deepest way to do me more” isn’t really necessary but it’s nothing too horrible. The third verse consists of Namie singing pretty quickly, which is really cool and stands out to the listener. The song ends with Namie repeating “it’s deeper, sweeter, do me more.” Do Me More is an excellent lead-in number and definitely an enjoyable number.

Sexy Girl is a great dance track featuring a hot beat. The song begins with a hot dance instrumental before the addictive chorus comes in, which is sung primarily in English. Lyrics such as “hey baby, let me see your sexy sexy hips on me” and “hey baby, let me see your shiny shiny lips on me” show off the sexual energy that makes the song come alive. The verses are strong as there is a certain slickness that is delivered as Namie sings her lyrics. The hook is a nice set up for the chorus and the “ladies,” which is sung in the background sounds very nice. The third verse features some more nice vocals and the echoing of the final line is a very nice touch as it puts an emphasis on Namie’s vocals. The dance break offers a spotlight on the hot dance beat which makes the song so addictive. The song finishes off with a fantastic instrumental and brings Sexy Girl to a great finish. Sexy Girl is an excellent song and a perfect song to promote BEST FICTION.

Song Rankings: A +

To really tie in the theme of fiction, the PV for Do Me More features dancing unicorns, a little girl in a wonderland and many other things. The video opens with a little girl wandering in a forest and she finds an apple. After taking a bite, she finds herself in a grass maze and the rest of the scenes show her as she tries to find her way back home. Prevalently, the video features Namie in various scenes. One scene consists of Namie wearing a white dress and a matching small hat as she sings her lyrics. Another scene features Namie in a silver room with a look that resembles her look from the ALARM PV. The video also features dancing white unicorns, which works for the whole theme of the album. The dancing sequences are a little to be desired as they aren’t Namie’s usual more appealing routines but they’re nice and the video is a more visual representation of the fiction theme than anything else.

In order to promote Sexy Girl, a PV was made for it. The video is pretty simplistic and primarily consists of dancing sequences during the chorus that really show off Namie’s flare and style. Moves that particularly stand out are when she sings the first line of the chorus and she puts her hands on her chest and then shakes and when she sings “hey baby, let me see your shiny shiny lips on me” and she forms a rectangle with her index fingers. The video features two looks for Namie, which is most obvious seen through her hair. When she has her curlier hair, she dances with her female dancers and with straight hair, she dances with male dancers. Although the video is fairly simple, it’s definitely enjoyable and represents the song very well.

PV Rankings: A –

Namie’s new BEST album, entitled BEST FICTION, was promoted via two tracks: Do Me More and Sexy Girl. As the album opener, Do Me More perfectly captures the theme of fiction through an interesting instrumental and Namie brings it to life with her voice. Sexy Girl is really representative of Namie’s fun and upbeat sound, thus making it the perfect closer of the album which represents the era of music. With the strong impressions made from these two new songs, the anticipation only builds for what she’ll do next.

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