Morning Musume – モーニング娘。コンサートツアー2009春 ~プラチナ 9 DISCO~ [Concert DVD]

July 19, 2009 at 6:15 am (Morning Musume) (, )

Platinum 9 DISCO

OPENING: This opening is amazing with its various colors. The music comes from parts of SONGS and the part that stands out the most is the rainbow colored staircase. It just really grabs the viewer’s attention and leaves them waiting for more. It also makes the perfect interlude into SONGS.

SONGS: This was a nice performance but it was really more of a “everyone look the group is here” kind of performance. The choreography was somewhat lacking as the girls were more focused on having a good time and letting everyone see them. Vocally, everyone was good, particularly Eri and Reina. Risa was smiles the whole way through and Ai nailed the choreography. The outfits looked great and suited the song quite well. Visually, the ending of the song was pretty cool and left a good final impression. Overall, the choreography should have been stronger but still a very enjoyable performance.

泣いちゃうかも: Unfortunately, they cut out the second verse, leaving the song a bit short but it was nice to see more choreography in the mix. At some points, some of the girls looked not as into it as hoped but most of them really brought the fire. As usual Ai nails it, Koharu did a great job too and stood out. Ai also seemed to get the emotion of the song the strongest. It was a good vocal performance with the leading girls always sounding good. They were all pretty equally good although it would have been nice to hear of the other girls, who really got pushed to the back and barely got screen-time. Nonetheless, it’s a good follow-up to SONGS and one good performance.

VTR – Member Introduction: Basically we get to see a picture of everyone with their name and the audience cheers. Linlin looked so cute with her little flower and her expression definitely will warm the viewer’s heart. Junjun looked great with the rose and her first pose was so adorable. Her second one showed off her cool side nicely. Aika looked pretty cute in both although the hairstyle was not the most flattering. Koharu’s first pose looked kind of strange but she looked fantastic in her second pose, showing a bit of seduction. Reina looked nice as usual. Sayumi looked kind of dead in her eyes but her poses weren’t bad. Eri looked good as well but nothing that stood out too strongly. Risa is gorgeous and those pictures were there to prove it. Ai had the same problem as Sayumi in looking slightly dead on her last shot but she wasn’t too bad. Then the introduction ends and moves into the next track. It’s a nice little section and Risa definitely took home the crown on this one.

みかん: This was a very cute performance and might have made a better song to open with since the choreography isn’t particularly difficult and it would make a good first impression with the audience. Then they could have saved SONGS for later and busted out more intricate moves. Nonetheless, everyone was energetic and giving it their all so it definitely stood out. Aika really shined on this performance and looked so cute. Koharu also stood out strongly. Everyone was good and it made a good impression.

MC1: This was a cute little break with the girls introducing themselves. Ai, Risa and Eri then take the spotlight and their personalities came shining through. Ai and Risa particularly stood out here and it’s no wonder that they got the time to speak. They really know how to engage the crowd and one part that was really cute was Risa making the funny expression as she searched while Ai was talking. Sayumi also got that one cheer in there, which was nice.

しょうがない 夢追い人: This was an absolutely phenomenal performance. Everyone sounded great and the expressions on their faces really communicated the sadness of the song. If one part stood out more than any other, it was Sayumi’s solo part at the end of the second chorus. Her face showed so much emotion and you could see the hurt in her eyes. When she spun around, she bit her finger and had that certain gleam in her eye that could make the viewer melt. It was an extremely strong performance and easily one of the best of the night.

情熱のキスを一つ: Ai, Reina and Risa take the stage for one of their trio songs and they really bring the cool atmosphere. All three had great vocals and the routine with the chair gave the song a visual kind of story. They definitely rocked the stage and gave everyone a reason to cheer.

片思いの終わりに: Eri does such a fantastic job with her solo song. Her voice is sweet and carefree, really reflecting the song’s atmosphere. She looks very cute in her dress and her hair looks great. She did a wonderful job of bringing the song to life.

MC2: Reina is up for the second MC segment. Reina is always so cute whenever she’s talking and you can really tell that she’s sincere and truly sweet so she made this short little segment very enjoyable.

ファインエモーション!: Junjun and Linlin are so happy and cute, which made this a nice performance even if the song wasn’t as great. However their expressions and their excitement really shines, catching the eye of the viewer.

私の魅力に 気付かない鈍感な人: Aika gets her chance to take the lead with her solo number. Junjun and Linlin join her as backup dancers, bringing all the 8th generation members together. Aika does a very good job vocally and everyone was very cute during the dance break. It was a nice performance that shows Aika can really shine.

弱虫: Risa does an exceptional job with this one as her solo number. The emotions came across her face perfectly and at different points in the song, it looked as if she were going to burst into tears and start crying. You can really tell that she put her all into that performance. Her vocals were amazing as usual and gave the audience the emotion and feeling needed to carry a song like this. The only drawback to the performance is that she looked a little unsure of what to do with her body at parts. Overall though it was a fantastic performance and one should expect nothing less from Risa.

It’s You: Up next Sayumi stirs things up with one of my favorite songs fromプラチナ 9 DISC. Well, there have been some complaints that Ai and Eri stole the spotlight from Sayu at times and that’s understandable since they definitely brought their sex appeal to the dance moves. Both of them really got into the atmosphere of the song and really caught the viewer’s eye. However Sayumi did pretty well  at standing out as well. Her body language was good for bringing the sexiness and she did that particularly well when all you could see was her silhouette dancing against the colored background. Vocally, the performance was not as strong as others since her voice sounded a bit out of breath at places and not as smooth as the studio version. Those smooth vocals were what highlighted the sexuality of the song and it kind of dwindles here. Nonetheless, it was a good performance although it could have been stronger.

MC3: Reina and Junjun take the spotlight. Both of them were extremely cute and their personalities are so loveable that you can’t help but smile along with them, even if you’re not sure what they’re saying. It’s just nice to enjoy these two, especially Junjun who doesn’t get all the attention she deserves. From what I can understand, Junjun was talking a little bit about her Japanese studies.

ディスコメドレー: Things kick off with Loveマシーン. Risa, Junjun, Linlin and Koharu all looked very cute making their faces with the strange background voice. Ai looked adorable when she made the little noise. Basically it was a cute performance from all angles and everyone was so into it. The transition into恋愛レボリューション21 was flawless and it was another good one, although not as strong as the previous song. I love how they added a jazzy twist to the opening of SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って.~ The part with Ai’s distorted vocals sounded really cool and catches the ear very easily. This song is excellent and I’m glad they included it in the medley (although I wished they would have performed the whole song with this mew line-up). As expected, the spotlight was all on Ai, Reina and Risa but they proved why they deserve it. Theマンパワー!!! was a little repetitive but it was a nice touch to have the background line of SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って~ continuously playing. Risa nailed her vocals perfectly and stood out the most. Surprisingly, Linlin gets the chance to shine with a solo song, 青空がいつまでも続くような未来であれ, and although it’s a little weird because her part of the song is so slow, she does a good job. She is then joined by the rest of Morning Musume and the song goes onto a happy and genki style song, better fitting the ディスコメドレー.

MC4: This MC segment features Eri, Sayumi and Linlin. Eri was kind of like the leader here in that she was the one who really took the reins of the conversation. She was very cute although it was kind of strange when she began to sound very nervous and scared. I’m not really sure what she was doing. Perhaps she was acting although either way, it was bit odd. Linlin was adorable when she taught the crowd a little something in Chinese. Her English only added to the cuteness. Sayumi was nice too although she didn’t stand out as much as the other two.

香水: On this slow number, Koharu and Junjun take the stage and do a very good job of keeping the atmosphere relaxing. The two sets of vocals contrast each other quite nicely and thus make the other stand out. Both girls looked very cute and Junjun looked like she was having so much fun. Koharu looked a little bit out of it, emotionally, at some points but it’s nothing too bad. It’s a nice performance and it’s good to see Junjun in the forefront again.

The 美学: Easily one of my favorite performances of the night because the song really suits Reina’s personality. Although she’s definitely a cutie, she can bring those sexy moves no problem. She looks really cute in the red and yellow outfit but she’s busting out those moves like a pro, definitely making the audience feel it. Her vocals are awesome like always and her little “thank you” at the end juts topped things off perfectly. She also made a really funny face when the background vocal screamed. It’s definitely one of the best performances of the night and worth checking out. Aya should be proud that Reina brought such strength to her song.

MC 5 – MC GAKI: Risa gets another chance to MC and why not, she’s very good at engaging the crowd and connecting with them. It’s short and sweet and Risa is awesome so it’s enjoyable.

夢から醒めて: Ai gets a solo with this beautiful ballad and she really brings the emotions for the listener to fall in love with. Her vocals are amazing as always and her outfit really suits the beauty of the song. Without a doubt, Ai definitely proves what she can do and she’ll win anyone over with her charm.

Take off is now!: Ai, Reina and Risa are back as the fantastic trio with their other song, Take off is now! There’s a newly added beginning part where the girls show off their moves one by one and it gets the crowd hyped for what is to come. All three girls looked fantastic [particularly Risa] and they all brought that attitude that makes the song really shine. The girls were cool but that sweetness of theirs stood out when they smiled and that made this performance very memorable. The choreography was handled very well this time around, each move very sleek. They do it again and they prove that this trio is just magic and was meant to sing together.

グルグル JUMP: What can I say about this performance? It’s fun and colorful just like the song. Their outfits are really colorful and suit the mood of the song. Koharu, Junjun and Linlin all look like they’re having fun which makes the viewer want to smile along with them and perhaps even dance.

HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? ~日本はどんな感じでっか?~: The girls bring energy and fun to this performance, which makes it such a delight to watch. Risa definitely commands the attention with her awesome vocals; As usual, Reina shines like a star and is both her mix of cute and sexy; Eri does a great job and shows her skills; Ai brings more of her charm to the stage. Although that little vocal thing she did was just weird. The costumes were cute and accentuated the flavor of the song. It’s a great performance that will make the viewer want to sing and dance along with them.

リゾナント ブルー: Now this performance featured a lot of dancing and moving around, which definitely made a good visual performance but not the best vocal one. The verses were okay but during the hook, Ai and Reina sounded strange with their vocalizations [particularly Ai]. At some points, they sounded out of breath and Sayumi’s “help me” sounded really off. Each time the camera was on Koharu, she looked like a deer in headlights. Luckily the dancing was good and that kind of made it better although this definitely wasn’t a particularly strong performance.

MC 6: It’s a very short MC segment where they basically just introduce the next song. Not much goes on here.

ラヴ&ピィ~ス! HEROがやって来たっ: It’s the last song before the encore and everyone really gives it their all. It’s a very cool performance, particularly the beginning and it’s definitely another one to enjoy.

その場面でビビっちゃいけないじゃん!:It’s another colorful and exciting performance to make the listener glad they are performing more. Everyone is cute and sweet so it’s a fun watch.

MC 7: Another enjoyable MC segment where everyone comes together and talks. It’s nice because everyone gets a chance to say something and they’re all smiles. Risa introduces the final song

雨の降らない星では愛せないだろう?: It’s the ending o the concert and it’s certainly an emotional one as you can see from the girls’ expressions. Everyone looks like they are on the brink of tears and it tugs on the viewer’s heartstrings. Vocally, it’s very strong and they really do sound great. It’s a very good way to end the concert.

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