Maria – Goin’ My Way [2nd Single]

July 17, 2009 at 3:39 am (Maria) (, )

Goin My Way

Maria’s 2nd single, entitled Goin’ My Way, was released on 07.15.09.

Goin’ My Way is a sweet pop song with rock tints to fit her style. The song starts off with a very pretty and raw instrumental that will definitely catch the listener’s ear and then Maria’s vocals come in, sounding slightly off. Here and there, the control kind of slips through but overall her vocals sound nice alongside the music. The chorus features a slightly different instrumental that makes it stand out although the vocals sound slightly strange at times. Overall, the music is very enjoyable and Maria sounded stronger vocally this time around. Hopefully she’ll keep working on it and be even stronger next time around.

終われない夏 is a more calming song supported by the sounds of the guitar. It’s not a particularly memorable song but it compliments the A-side quite nicely in terms of sound.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Goin’ My Way was made. The video is extremely simple, just featuring Maria playing guitar outside. The background setting is very nice although it’s a little boringafter a while.

Single Ranking: B

Maria did a good job of stepping things up with this single. Goin’ My Way features a very nice instrumental and Maria’s vocals have seemed stronger.

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Maria – Getaway [Debut Single]

May 23, 2009 at 10:14 am (Maria) (, )


Maria’s debut single, entitled Getaway, was released on 05.20.09.

Getaway is a simple midtempo tune with some rock flares. The song begins off quickly with Maria singing very quickly and there is some slight distortion on her vocals. It almost sounds like she’s attempting to do a little rap sequence because of the whole energy. Her vocals could be better here but the music does a ncie job of catching the listener’s attention. Then the distortion leaves and she goes for it with some vocalizations, which honestly do not sound too good. The song continues with a slight rock sound which is nice but the biggest problem is her vocals, which sound nasal at points and a little too screechy. This really comes out on the chorus when she sings “getaway” and “get a life.” It just sounds weird and is kind of off-putting.

Following in the same vein is the B-side, Someday Star. It doesn’t quite take on the same slight rock feeling and the instrumentation is centered more around the guitar. Unfortunately, the vocals are still a problem and sound a little too nasal for the song so it just ends up sounding like a watered down version of the A-side.

Single Ranking: C

The debut single is supposed to wow the audience so that the singer can start building up a fanbase. This single definitely did not accomplish that goal. Both Getaway and Somebody Star face the same problem of having Maria having off vocals. Hopefully she can work on that and her next single will be better.

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