Kuroki Meisa – SHOCK -運命- [First Single]

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Kuroki Meisa’s first single, entitled SHOCK -運命-, was released on 07.22.09. This is Meisa’s first single to be released physically and the title track was used as the KIRIN’s COLA SHOCK CM song.

SHOCK -運命- is a hot dance song that gets the listener in the mood to dance. The song opens up with a sample of a Beethoven piece, with new life and energy oozing from it before the chorus comes in. Meisa sings “ready for the shock” and her vocals during this section really stand out and the whole energy of the instrumentation has the listener in love with the song already. Then comes the first verse and there’s a cool sleekness to it, Meisa’s vocals still sounding great. The graceful sweetness of the hook is really interesting and provides as a strong introduction to the chorus. This is one of Meisa’s best songs and it’s sure to hook the listener on first listen.

Wasted is the single’s B-side. It has a sort of rock feeling to it although it doesn’t sound aggressive enough to match Meisa’s style. It’s just sounds a little cheesy at parts such as the “come again another day” line and the instrumentation doesn’t grab the listener like it should.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SHOCK -運命- was made. The video seems to take cues from Amuro Namie’s shine more and the SPEED STAR PVs. There is the same dancing in front of what looks like a turbine or fan scene as in the SPEED STAR as well as the same styled room as in shine more for the chair dancing scenes. Nontheless, Meisa looks great and the song suits the energy of the song very well.

Single Ranking: A

Meisa comes back stronger than ever with SHOCK -運命-. This song is probably her second strongest, only preceded by Like This. She really shows what she can do and leaves the listener wanting more. Wasted was just okay but a good change of pace from the A-side. Hopefully she’ll continue to follow this path and bring even more great songs.

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Kuroki Meisa – hellcat [Debut Mini Album]

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Kuroki Meisa’s debut mini album, entitled hellcat, was released on 04.08.09.

Opening up the album is the cool dance track, Hear the Alarm? The song starts off with a very cool and mysterious instrumental that takes the listener into another world. Then Meisa comes in and her vocals sound great, really staying smooth and sleek, supporting the music. She sounds even better on the chorus as there is this draw to her voice, shown as she holds those last notes of words. There is a quite interesting dance break that kind of sounds like there are shots built into the music. It’s a little repetitive but it’s a good opening track and has a fun-ness to it that will capture the listener.

Up next is Like This. Beginning the song is a really interesting and cool instrumental. There’s just something that will instantly grab the listener and makes the perfect introduction for Meisa. When she comes in on the first verse, she delivers her lyrics with attitude and personality to make everyone take notice. At some points, her voice does sound somewhat reminiscent of Amuro Namie and that’s definitely a good thing. Particularly on the chorus, she gets the chance to show off those great vocals. Of course the little rap section adds a little more flavor to the song and shows even more personality. Like This is a great song to follow the opening one and has a little more for the listener to get addicted to.

The third song on the album is Bad Girl. The song begins with a rock-tinted instrumental to really get the energy pumping and once the dance sound comes in, the listener better be ready to move. Meisa sounds great on the first verse and the music continues to grab the listener’s interest without problem. She shows off a little more vocally on the chorus and the music becomes slightly more diverse so this section stands out from the rest of the song. The pure instrumental section is wonderful and is definitely the opportune moment for a dance break. Bad Girl keeps the energy up and the listener focused so it’s another five-star song for Meisa.

Criminal serves as the fourth song on hellcat. The song begins with the drums to start the song on a different way. At first, it seems a bit iffy and unfortunately that continues when the chorus comes in. There are some rock elements but they are put more strongly and the sound doesn’t seem to really fit Meisa’s voice as well. She has her strong vocal moments but the music remains in the same uninteresting way so the listener never really gets a chance to get hooked to one particular part. Near the end, she sings in a higher tone but it just sounds misplaced and slightly awkward. It was a nice attempt but it wasn’t executed in quite the best way.

Things take a nice little twist on the next song, No, no, no. That opening instrumental has a sort of Caribbean style to it that definitely catches the attention of the listener. Meisa sounds very good here and her vocals support the overall tone of the music very well. On the first verse, she stays more in the low tone and that actually suits her very well so she sounds perfectly comfortable. No, no, no gets points for trying out a different style and Meisa adapts to it perfectly so it’s a standout song on the album.

SEX is up next and it goes back to the cool dance style. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand as strongly as the other dance songs since her vocals sound a bit too husky and the music doesn’t come nearly aggressive enough. It doesn’t capture its goal and grab the listener.

Get ready to slow things down with the semifinale, Lost. The song starts off with a strange instrumental and it doesn’t go on the ballad side but not completely on the dance side so it’s kind of lost somewhere in the middle. Having the two come together like that makes it sound messy and thus the instrumentation doesn’t engage the listener at all. On the positive side, Meisa’s vocals are pretty good but the composition was just off.

Finally she goes back to her cool dance side with the last track, THIS IS CRAZY. The song begins with a sleek instrumental that catches the listener’s attention easily and then comes the first verse. There is a robotic element to the music and the slickness in Meisa’s vocals support that perfectly, making sure the listener is paying attention for the chorus. It would have been nice if the music was more aggressive for the chorus but it’s still enjoyable and Meisa sounds great. This was a good way to close the album since it has a sound that supports Meisa’s voice very well.

Album Ranking: A –

hellcat definitely has its highs that make Meisa a threat such as Like This, Hear the Alarm? and Bad Girl. Her strength is definitely the upbeat dance tracks so hopefully she’ll be bringing more of those in the future. When she delivers her full length studio album, I hope she experiments a little more but stays with the dance sound since it’s something she really excels at.

Four Most Memorable Tracks: Hear the Alarm?, Like This, Bad Girl, No, no, no

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