4minute – Hot Issue [Debut Digital Single]

July 12, 2009 at 6:55 pm (4minute) (, )


4minute’s debut digital single, entitled Hot Issue, was released on 06.15.09.

Hot Issue is a dance song that will get the listener up and dancing. The song begins with a cool instrumental with a little introduction and then the girls spell out their name. Then comes the chorus and the instrumentation is absolutely hot and aggressive. The girls sound pretty good and they compliment each other. On the first verse, they count to four and after each number, sing something. With its technological sounds spicing up the already hot instrumentation, the song really stands out and is very catchy. The rap section also sounds good and picks up the energy just a little bit more. Overall, it’s a very enjoyable song and a great way to kick off these girls’ career.

Single Ranking: A +

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2NE1 – I Don’t Care [Digital Single]

July 1, 2009 at 12:58 am (2NE1) (, )

2NE1 Mini Album

2NE1’s digital single, entitled I Don’t Care, was released on 07.01.09.

I Don’t Care is a midtempo reggae number. The song opens up with a peaceful relaxing instrumental with island influences. CL then comes in and says “Hey playboy, it’s about time and your time’s up.” Once she finishes, the group does some vocalizing and sings their name, very reminiscent of the opening of Fire. The vocals on the first verse actually sound pretty good and they fit with the sweetness of the music perfectly. The chorus is okay although it’s nothing that really is amazing. It’s nice when they repeat “care” and it gives that song the extra edge. I was surprised that CL could give a good rap section on the song since I thought one might sound weird with the vibe of the song but she proved me wrong. Overall, it’s not as good as Fire but it shows that the girls are trying different things.

Single Ranking: B +

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Girls Generation – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) [Digital Single]

June 22, 2009 at 12:31 am (Girls Generation) (, )

Girls Generation

Girls Generation’s digital single, entitled Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), was released on 06.22.09. It will be the lead-in single for their upcoming mini-album.

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) is an addictive dance song. The song opens up with some talking and the sound of walking, which gets a little annoying but soon the true instrumentation comes in. It carries that dark electronic sound that is catching on these days and the vocals suit the music perfectly. What really makes the song stand out is the chorus, which features even stronger vocals and a slightly more aggressive intsrumental. Those English phrases such as “I’m a genie for you boy” carry that sexual atmosphere along very nicely and catch the listener’s ear. It’s a really catchy song and certainly one that will stay on the listener’s mind.

Single Ranking: A

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Brand New Day – 마스카라 [Digital Single]

June 17, 2009 at 12:00 am (Brand New Day) (, )

Brand New Day

Brand New Day’s digital single, entitled 마스카라, was released on 06.16.09.

The single begins with 외출. The song opens up with the sound of water flowing and then the pretty instrumentation comes in, instilling a calming feeling in the listener. After some vocals, the song’s energy comes to life and the listener falls into a soft dance paradise. It has kind of a spacey feeling that is both comfortable and energetic. It’s pretty good although nothing that really stands out.

마스카라 is a fun dance track. The song starts off with an interesting instrumental with some less than stellar vocals. Then things get cooler on the first verse when the instrumentation becomes more tolerable and carries that cool dance edge. Unfortuantely, the vocals don’t have that same coolness and don’t engage the listener as well as the music does. They are really distracting from the sleekness of the music. Overall, it’s not a bad song and with someone else singing on the track, it might have been a hell of a dance song but those vocals just aren’t doing the song any favors.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 마스카라 was made. Although their vocals didn’t have much edge, the video did work well with the music. The girls show off their playfully sexy side as they also show off their dance moves. Sure, it may not be the most creative video and the choreography isn’t anything amazing but it fits with the overall song quite well.

Single Ranking: B

Honestly, this isn’t the most dazzling single in the world and definitely not the strongest Korean single of the year but the listener can enjoy it for what it is, fun. Both tracks have a dance feel that will make the listener want to get up and dance along with them, with smiles on their faces.

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Devil & Angel – Bad Girl [Digital Single]

June 17, 2009 at 12:00 am (Devil & Angel) (, )

Devil & Angel

Devil & Angel’s digital single, entitled Bad Girl, was released on 06.12.09.

Bad Girl is a hot dance song made to dance to. The song begins with a sleek instrumental and then the vocals come in with the title of the song and immediately the aggression comes out. On the first verse, the girls sound great and that sexy style really oozes out. What makes the chorus so strong is the way they sing “bad girl” because there’s an emphasis on “girl,” which ends up making both parts stand out. The talking part was a little annoying but it works. It’s an interesting song with a lot fun to it.

Single Ranking: B +

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Chae Yeon – Shake [Digital Single]

June 4, 2009 at 4:18 am (Chae Yeon) (, )


Chae Yeon’s digital single, entitled Shake, was released on 05.12.09. Due to its sexual nature, various Korean stations have deemed the video for Shake only appropriate for those of 15 years or older.

Shake is a hot dance song that lets out Chae Yeon’s sexual side. The song begins with an addictive dance instrumental that will immediately get the listener up and moving. She sounds fantastic on the first verse, her vocals staying very drawing and enticing. She really has committed to her theme of sexiness with this song. She brings a little more vocal power on the chorus and thus it stands out nicely. Shake may be simple but she brings the sexual energy of the song to life, really making everyone take notice of her.

In order to promote the single, a music video for Shake was made. There’s not really much going on in the video. It’s basically just Chae Yeon being sexy at a club and honestly, that’s all the song needs. This sort of simple sexy party atmosphere fits the song well so there doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Plus, the guys in the video were very hot.

Single Ranking: A +

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2NE1 – Fire [Digital Single]

May 16, 2009 at 4:24 pm (2NE1) (, )


Dubbed the female version of BIG BANG, the girls of 2Ne1 are on the move with their digital single entitled Fire, released on 05.06.09.

Fire is a hot dance track, perfect for grabbing a new audience. The song begins with a fantastic instrumental and CL introduces the song to the crowd. The strongest part of the music is when it sounds like it’s winding down in pitch (when she says “you better get yours cause I’m getting mine). They do some vocalizations that sound a little annoying but then comes the first verse. CL sounds great and she gives the attitude to make everyone pay attention to her, having a quality similar to G-Dragon. Minji is up next and she sounds on her rap too but she lacks that same spark CL has. And that last vocal was a bit strange. Bom does some singing and she sounds pretty good, nicely showing off her vocals. The chorus is extremely catchy and it’s a case when repeating actually catches the attention well. Sandara then follows and her vocals are kind of distorted so they do stand out. It’s a very good song and one definitely made for dancing and having fun.

In order to promote the single, two PVs for Fire were made: one dubbed the “Space Version” and the other the “Street Version.” The “Space Version” has more of a colorful and futuristic feel to it and is very visually appealing. This version carries more of the girls’ personalities. CL rides her motorcyle, Minji acts cool around some trash cans, Bom is associated with cards and Sandara has an Indian atmosphere. It’s pretty cool and it fits the song well. The “Street Version” is a lot more simple but it gives the audience a chance to become better acquainted with the dance moves. it’s some good choreography so this version makes use of it. It also gets points for having G-Dragon make a very quick special guest appearance.

Single Ranking: A

If they can keep up this quality of songs, 2NE1 should have a bright future ahead of them. They’ve got the moves and the energy to keep everyone moving so hopefully we’ll be hearing more from them soon.

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SHINee – Bodyguard [Digital Single]

May 4, 2009 at 8:42 pm (SHINee) (, )


In order to promote Anycall cell phone series, SHINee contributed a new song entitled Bodyguard. This series has seen other artists contribute songs such as Hyori Lee and Anyband. Each song goes along with a commercial (serving more as a music video) and this one features the leading characters of the dorama Boys Over Flowers.

Bodyguard is a calming song about protecting the one you love. The song starts off a fun and groovy instrumental that stands out to the listener. Those opening vocals sound nice and are quite ear-catching and so are the following ones of the first verse. However there is a mellower vibe here, which sounds sweet and cute. The rap section is nice because it spices things up a little bit and provides the needed flavor. Overall it’s a nice song but it’s clear that the boys of SHINee shine when it’s those upbeat tracks.

Song Ranking: B

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Ajoo – Wealthy 2nd Generation [2nd Single]

February 9, 2009 at 8:05 pm (Ajoo) (, )


Ajoo’s 2nd single, entitled Wealthy 2nd Generation, was released on 02.05.09.

Wealthy 2nd Generation is a cool dane song. The song starts off with Ajoo singing and honestly, his voice sounds a little girlish. Initially, I actually thought it was a girl singing but then I realized it was him. Later though, his voice sounds a lot more manly and compliments the song a lot better. On the verses, his vocals are sleek and cool, matching the dance instrumentation perfectly. The pure instrumental section at the end sounds great and is a good way to conclude the song. Overall, Wealthy 2nd Generation is kind of a generic song but it’s somewhat enjoyable.

In order to promote the single, a music video was made for Wealthy 2nd Generation. The video is very simple, just featuring some dance sequences and scenes of Ajoo flirting with girls. It kind of looks like any other music video from a Korean male artist so it’s nothing really special.

Single Ranking: B

Ajoo did an okay job with this single although it does sound a little generic and like something any other male artist would put out. Also, his vocals aren’t even that much to write home to. Nonetheless, it’s all right.

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