Seung Ri – Strong Baby [Song + PV Review] + Happy 100,000 Views

January 12, 2009 at 6:56 pm (Seung Ri) (, )


Included on BIG BANG’s latest Korean album, Remember, is Seung Ri’s solo song entitled Strong Baby. A music video for the song was recently released.

The song starts off with best-friend, G-Dragon, making an appearance to introduce Seung Ri. He sounds kinda strange when he says “y’all like this man” but then that G-Dragon usual charming voice comes in as he introduces him with phrases like “his stage, his show, his moves his flow” and “show em what you got brah” before the hot dance instrumentation comes through. Seung Ri provides smooth vocals that ooze the sexual atmosphere of the song very well. The hook is nice because his vocals show more power and they smoothly go over the music. With that slight change in the instrumental, the chorus manages to do a nice job of standing out. It’s also memorable for the ending part where he repeats that syllable various times. Overall, it’s a great dance number and the appearance from G-Dragon definitely gave the song that extra flavor.

Song Ranking: A

A music video was recently made to promote the song. The video features a very dance style, with Seung Ri performing dance routines similar to Justin Timberlake. There are also the usual club scenes in which Seung Ri meets the girl. I think the most surprising part of the video is near the end with Seung Ri and a girl kissing on a bed. His shirt is unbuttoned and it will make the viewer blush. Of course, G-Dragon making an appearance was wonderful because he’s my favorite member and he looks sooo hot here (the sunglasses look so cool by the way). Overall, it’s a nice video and even though, there isn’t that much new or exciting material, it’s a pretty good watch.

PV Ranking: B +

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