Ajoo – Wealthy 2nd Generation [2nd Single]

February 9, 2009 at 8:05 pm (Ajoo) (, )


Ajoo’s 2nd single, entitled Wealthy 2nd Generation, was released on 02.05.09.

Wealthy 2nd Generation is a cool dane song. The song starts off with Ajoo singing and honestly, his voice sounds a little girlish. Initially, I actually thought it was a girl singing but then I realized it was him. Later though, his voice sounds a lot more manly and compliments the song a lot better. On the verses, his vocals are sleek and cool, matching the dance instrumentation perfectly. The pure instrumental section at the end sounds great and is a good way to conclude the song. Overall, Wealthy 2nd Generation is kind of a generic song but it’s somewhat enjoyable.

In order to promote the single, a music video was made for Wealthy 2nd Generation. The video is very simple, just featuring some dance sequences and scenes of Ajoo flirting with girls. It kind of looks like any other music video from a Korean male artist so it’s nothing really special.

Single Ranking: B

Ajoo did an okay job with this single although it does sound a little generic and like something any other male artist would put out. Also, his vocals aren’t even that much to write home to. Nonetheless, it’s all right.

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