C-ute – SHOCK! [11th Single]

February 12, 2010 at 11:54 pm (C-ute) (, )

C-ute’s 11th single, entitled SHOCK!, was released on 01.06.09. It is the group’s first single without Umeda Erika, who decided to pursue a modeling career.

While the last single was actually pretty catchy, SHOCK! fulfills the need for anything catchy in a hot dance track about a two-timer. The song starts off with a coool spy-like instrumental that then builds in some Russian sounds a la Morning Musume’s last single. Then Airi delivers the first chorus with powerful vocals that take the listener’s attention by force. Right before the instrumental break, she makes a cute little noise that each member gets to do once during the course of the song. Tsunku decided Airi would be the leader on this song and thus she is the only one to carry a solo line and nearly sings the entire song herself. Everyone does get a chance to sing together on the chorus and everyone gets their cute sound (in the order of Chisato, Mai, Saki and Maimi). The pure instrumental section continues the coolness before the chorus comes back in. Even though many have complained about Airi getting so much attention on the song, it is undeniably catchy and will hook you in on first listen.

The B-side of the single is the fun and funky number, 生きようぜ! The song begins with an addictive dance instrumental that will have the listener out of their seats in second before Airi comes in for the first verse. This song follows cues from the A-side seeing as only Airi and Maimai have solo lines, the other three girls only coming in for the chorus. The fact that there are so many sections of pure instrumentation really bring the song’s strengths out for all to hear. It may be a little simple but it’s so addictive that the listener won’t even notice.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SHOCK! was made. The video’s core is dancing, which was a smart move since these girls really know how to move. The choreography really fits the style of the song and always has the attention of the viewer. The close-up scenes don’t really do much for the video so the dance version is the best version to look for.

Single Ranking: A +

This is definitely C-ute’s best single in a while and it’s good to see them step it up. It would have been nice to see the other three girls have more of a presence in this single but Airi (and Maimi) definitely prove why their up front.

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