alan – Swear [11th Single]

February 12, 2010 at 5:56 pm (alan) (, )

alan’s 11th single, entitled Swear, was released on 11.04.09. While the title track was used as the theme song for Bourbon’s Blanchul Mini Series CM, Beauty was used as the Yomeishu’s Nutrition Drink CM song.

Swear takes a lighter than the previous two singles and a softer uptempo beat to compliment it. The song begins with a twinkling sound before the chorus starts. alan’s vocals are very calm and pretty here, suiting the relaxing music perfectly. The verses feature more smooth vocals that give a sort of lullaby efffect. The combination with the music makes for a very nice and natural atmosphere, which brings out alan’s strengths. The choruses provide a little more energy and more vocal strength from alan to keep the song interesting the whole way through. What really makes the song so addictive is the pure instrumental section, leading the listener deep into the world of the song. The music is spotlighted with a few fantastic vocals from alan to make this part easily the best section of the entire song.  With its beautiful and mellow nature, Swear emerges as one of alan’s stronger singles and a very good lead-song for her second studio album.

The B-side, Beauty, maintains a sense of calmness but with a slower pace. The opening instrumental has a very calm sound that gives the image of water before alan comes in for the first verse. The piano really suits alan’s voice here and the two make an unforgettable combination. She sticks to a higher register for the chorus and with her heavenly vocals, this makes for a very enjoyable section. Right before the pure instrumental section, alan gives a few stand-out vocals and the music does change it up a little bit to keep the listener engaged. While it’s not as strong as the A-side, Beauty definitely compliments the single and adds to the cohesiveness of the package.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Swear was made. It features a refreshingly beautiful atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of the song. Essentially, the PV consists of three different alans (all in different outfits). They each look into a glass apple before taking a walk around the garden and return to their spot. It may not be particularly eventful but everything about the video just fits together for the perfect result. alan looks beautiful a the scenery is absolutely breahtaking, making the Swear PV definitely one to watch.

Single Ranking: A +

With a string of amazing singles, Swear does not fall short of its predecessors. In fact, it comes out as one of the better singles in alan’s discography. It’s nice to see her try new things and Swear is a nice change from all the powerful ballads. Beauty also stands strongly to make this a truly star package worth buying.

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