Nishino Kana – もっと… [7th Single]

October 29, 2009 at 4:48 pm (Nishino Kana) (, )


Nishino Kana’s 7th single, entitled もっと…, was released on 10.21.09. The title track was used as a Rekochoku CM song.

もっと… is a laid-back midtempo number that catches the ear. The song begins with part of the first verse and it’s basically just Kana with the beautiful sounds of the piano so it makes for the perfect opening combination. It sounds heartbreaking when she sings “I’m just crying cause of you” and the following moment of pure instrumentation really stands out. Then the instrumentation becomes more diverse to bring chorus before moving back into the first verse. Her vocals carry a certain fragile quality on the verse that suits the music very well and brings the emotions out. When she hits the higher notes, she absolutely angelic and it fits the light atmosphere of the song. It’s a very enjoyable song from Kana that shows off her vocals and style wonderfully.

The first B-side is missing you. Opening the song is a very pretty instrumental that is established by the sorrowful sounds of the piano. Kana then comes in on the first verse and her vocals carry a lot of emotion. In fact, at points, it sounds like she’s going to start crying. The chorus is a little flat and sounds a little generic so it doesn’t capture the strength of the build-up from the verse. Although her vocals are nice, the song could have been nicer overall.

Dear my friends serves as the second B-side. This song has a happier and more cheerful atmosphere than the other two songs. After a cute and fun instrumental, the chorus comes in and it sounds very cutesy. The most interesting part of the song is the instrumentation, which carries different sounds it to make the listener pay attention. The vocals are nice as well but they aren’t as strong as the music, which is a shame since it’s so interesting.

In order to promote the single, a PV for もっと… was made. The video basically features Kana spending the day checking her cell phone for new messages in hopes that the one of her dreams has sent her another one. It fits with the lyrics of the song so it was a good idea to incorporate the phone theme into the video. There is also scenes from the single’s cover and Kana looks so pretty here. Overall, the sweetness of the video fits with the sweetness of the song so it’s a perfect fit.

Single Ranking: B +

It’s another good single for Kana. もっと… is one of her more memorable songs and definitely shows what she can do. Hopefully her next single, which was already been announced, will be as strong as this.

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