Suzuki Ami – KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru [32nd Single]

October 28, 2009 at 9:15 pm (Suzuki Ami) (, )

Kiss Kiss Kiss

Suzuki Ami’s 32nd single, entitled KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru, was released on 10.28.09. The extended version of the A-side appeared on the Aquamarine HOUSE NATION compilation CD.

KISS KISS KISS is a mellow number inspired by taking a drive at night. The song begins with a soft instrumental and then Ami sings some of the chorus and the English stands out nicely. Ami’s vocals show some nice emotion and takes the listener off on a nice start before the first verse starts. Here, the vocals flow even more strongly with the first verse and the meloow atmosphere is almost lulling for the listener. It’s a little repetitive but nonetheless, it’s a nice and calm song. It is sort of like Bitter… from DOLCE although not nearly as strong.

The second A-side is aishiteru. Beginning the song is an interesting and sleek instrumental that instantly makes the listener wonder about what’s coming next. On the first verse, it has a sort of magical feeling to it as if Ami is wandering through a magic garden as she sings. The combination of the music and her vocals proves to be a potent mix in bringing a visual association. On the chorus, the energy comes blasting through but the transition is very smooth so the whole song is quite sleek. This is definitely the stronger of the two A-sides and should have been the main one.

In order to promote the single, a PV for KISS KISS KISS was made. The video takes on a similar style to the ONE PV with the various colors. This time, fitting with the inspiration of the song, the video takes place in and around a car. Ami looks very pretty and it’s a nice and relaxing fit with the atmosphere of the song.

Single Ranking: B +

This single is definitely a large step up from Reincarnation. aishiteru has the cool energy that suits Ami perfectly and should have been promoted as the lead A-side. KISS KISS KISS is nice as well with its laid-back style but upbeat songs are Ami’s forte so hopefully we’ll be getting some more aggressive stuff from her. It would be nice for her to revisit working with Nakata soon for more fantastic material like Supreme Show.


  1. Migure said,

    KISS KISS KISS/Aishiteru is most certainly one of my all time favourites XD
    I do prefer KISS KISS KISS over Aishiteru, maybe I have a soft spot for the soft things ^.^

  2. Anna said,

    I definitely like this single a lot better than her past couple, although the c/w track is seriously lacking.

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