BoA – BUMP BUMP! [29th Single]

October 27, 2009 at 3:43 pm (BoA) (, )


BoA’s 29th single, entitled BUMP BUMP!, was released on 10.28.09. Both songs on the single feature VERBAL of m-flo, whom she worked with on UNIVERSE of her last single. The title track was as NTV’s MUSIC FIGHTER POWER PLAY song as well as being a CM song.

BUMP BUMP! has BoA and VERBAL bringing the energy that will make the listener want to dance. The song begins with the chorus, sung without all the instruments by BoA and her vocals sound great here. Then she says “hit it” and VERBAL comes on in for a rap section. Here, the full instrumentation is shown and it instantly catches the listener’s ear. As usual, VERBAL sounds great and makes a great introduction for BoA. She sings with attitude but there’s also cute parts when she calls herself “BoA-chan.” The English phrases in the song like “let’s party!” and “life’s a melody” all stand out nicely and spice the song up a little. The song is absolutely fantastic and really shows BoA to be the star she is.

VERBAL joins BoA again for the B-side, IZM. The song opens up with VERBAL and he sees a lot different than he usually does, which isn’t a very good thing. Then BoA comes in and provides some strong vocals that portray emotion over the cool and slightly mysterious instrumental. It’s a nice song but it’s nothing that is stellar or anything. It would have been better if VERBAL’s voice sounded like it usually does.

In order to promote the single, a PV for BUMP BUMP! was made. It pretty much features BoA dancing in a gothic style house with some creepy background dancers. As usual, BoA delivers some great dance moves, matching the energy of the song. VERBAL also looks great like always.

Single Ranking: A

BoA did a great job with this single. BUMP BUMP! brings a fun exciting energy for the listener to enjoy from start to finish. Although IZM is not nearly as strong, it still sounds nice. With her next single already on the way, I hope that she’ll continue to bring such great songs like this.

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  1. tokyofied said,

    sounds amazing!

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