Hirahara Ayaka – ミオ・アモーレ! [20th Single]

October 18, 2009 at 5:07 pm (Hirahara Ayaka) (, )

Hirahara Ayaka - Mio Amore!

Hirahara Ayaka’s 20th single, entitled ミオ・アモーレ!, was released on 08.26.09.

ミオ・アモーレ! is a beautiful song that suits Ayaka’s style well. The song begins with a nice classical instrumental and then Ayaka comes in for the first verse. As usual, her vocals are beautiful and carry a fragility to them that suits the sounds of the piano perfectly. As the song moves on, more instruments come in to bring a slightly more hopeful and upbeat feel to the song. The chorus sounds quite nice as the emotions come out from Ayaka’s voice fluidly. The pure instrumental section highlights the guitars and they really sound great, taking the listener into a choir. It’s a great song that keeps the listener’s interest from start to end.

The B-side is Moldau. It carries a similar sound to the A-side but has a more sorrowful and fragile atmosphere that Ayaka brings to life. It’s very nice as the emotions also are poured out from Ayaka’s heart.

Single Ranking: B +

Ayaka did a great job with this single, both songs standing out in their own way. They both use classical music and it really suits Ayaka’s vocal style so the choice was certainly a wise one. Hopefully she’ll be delivering more material as great as this in the future.

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