YUI – It’s all too much / Never say die [15th Single]

October 14, 2009 at 11:22 pm (YUI) (, )


YUI’s 15th single, entitled It’s all too much / Never say die, was released on 10.07.09. It’s all too much was used as the theme song to the movie KAIJI while Never say die was used as an insert song.

It’s all too much is a cool rock track. The song begins with a dark rock instrumental that has a sort of mysterious feel to it. Then YUI comes in and her vocals are quite soft and fragile while carrying a sort of darkness to them as well that suits the music well. Her vocals aren’t too powerful on the chorus and don’t really emote as strongly as they could have to really make this section stand out like it should. It’s not a great song but it’s worth the listen at least once.

Never say die takes on the sort of rock sound from the first track but this time around, it’s higlighted by an upbeat cheery feel. Unfortunately, the end product isn’t anything to write home about. YUI’s vocals sound a bit more complimentary to the music but overall, the song just doesn’t engage the listener.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made: one for each A-side. They both essenially featured YUI just rocking out with a band as she sings the song with a few other scenes to intercut. The Never say die PV features scenes from the movie.

Single Ranking: C

It’s just not a very interesting single that YUI delivers this time around. Perhaps next time, the instrumentation will have some more magic to it and suit her voice better.

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  1. animexdæm said,

    hi, there!

    do you have a list of her songs in her latest album? i’m already outdated about her but thanks to you, I now remember my favorite jrock star YUI. and do you also have the latest of ARASHI? let me know if you have you can leave at animetectura. thanks happy new year.

    I also hope YUI can act again, like she did in taiyou no uta. see you.

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