Shimatani Hitomi – 白い蝶のサンバ and 長い間 [New Songs]

September 29, 2009 at 11:13 am (Shimatani Hitomi) ()

Shimatani Hitomi BEST & COVERS

In order to promote Hitomi’s latest BEST album, BEST & COVERS, released on 07.26.09, two new songs were added to the collection: 白い蝶のサンバ and 長い間.

白い蝶のサンバ is a fun upbeat song that suits Hitomi perfectly. The song begins with the smooth sounds of the guitar and then when the full instrumentation comes in, the listener is taken to another world. Hitomi sings rapidly and her vocals are just so sweet that they fit the music perfectly. The chorus is nice although it doesn’t stand out as strongly as one might expect from the strength of the verses. It’s a very nice song and a good addition to the COVERS disc.

長い間 is a soothing ballad that Hitomi brings to life with emotional vocals. It has a very romantic atmosphere about it that is hard to resist. It serves as a good way to close the compliation off.

Song Rankings: B +

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  1. Jinhwa said,

    I hope you have time to do a year-end review for this year. Your review for last year was great.

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