C-ute – EVERYDAY 絶好調!! [10th Single]

September 14, 2009 at 4:00 pm (C-ute) (, )


C-ute’s 10th single, entitled EVERDAY 絶好調!!, was released on 09.16.09. It will be C-ute’s final release with Umeda Erika as she will go to study to be a fashion model.

EVERDAY 絶好調!! is a fun end of the summer relaxing track. The song begins with a fun groovy instrumental that carries a summery feel to it, catching the listener’s ear quite nicely. Then comes the first verse and the vocals support the breezy atmosphere perfectly, establishing a strong and natural sound. The chorus is sweet and fun, following the verse smoothly and keeping the listener interested. The pure instrumental section has kind of different style, which makes it really stand out before moving back into the chorus. After their last single, C-ute bounces back with a fun and sweet number that shows their true colors.

The girls bring the heat even more with the B-side, 甘い罠. Beginning the song is an aggressive poppy rock instrumental that definitely demands attention at the first moment. On the verses, the girls provide strong vocals that portray attitude and suit the music very strongly. The chorus keeps the coolness going as they come together with Maimi and Airi standing out as they usually do. The sound at the end is always fun and gives the song a slightly breezy feel. The pure instrumental section stands out nicely before moving into the chorus. This is definitely stronger than the A-side and should have been promoted as such.

In order to promote the single, a PV for EVERYDAY 絶好調!! was made. The video is quite simple, featuring the girls dancing on a rooftop. The dance sequence actually fits the sweet atmosphere of the song well so nothing intricate or too flashy is needed although it’s always nice to see.

Single Ranking: A

After a disappointing last single, C-ute steps it up for Erika’s last one. EVERDAY 絶好調!! is a fun breezy track that captures the feelings of the end of summer quite well while 甘い罠 features a more aggressive song that one can dance to. It’ll be interesting to see how the girls take things with only five members.

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