MEG – Journey [2nd Mini Album]

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MEG’s 2nd mini album, entitled journey, was released on 08.26.09. The album was centered around the theme of going on a journey and was produced by The Shanghai Restoration Project.

Droplets serves as the mini album’s opening track. The song begins with a relaxing instrumental with hints of traditional isntruments to make it sound even cooler. Then the first verse comes as there is a very mellow mood with almost a sorrowful tone as MEG sings. The chorus features MEG singing “we see it coming down” and “We’ll watch it disappear and vanish in the air.” Lyrically, there is a transient atmosphere that comes to the listener’s ears and it fits with the overall mellow vibe of the song perfectly. It’s a very nice way to start things off, really showing the very calm atmosphere of the album as a whole.

Questions follows, keeping the same laid-back sound but also bringing its unique coolness. The song starts off with a sort of funky instrumentation that also carries a softness. On the first verse, she delivers lyrics such as “You’re a stranger, could be danger” and she goes through various thoughts, really suiting the song’s title. On the chorus, she repeats the word “why,” effectively being a soothing tool for the listener’s ears and she ends it quite slickly by singing “Got me feeling like a spy, no hello or goodbye, and then it keeps me wondering why.” However one of the best lyrics of the song comes as the beginning of the second verse as she sings “all the mind tricks make my mind sick.” Questions is the most memorable track on the mini album and really should have been chosen as the promotional track.

Following the cool energy from the last track is Rush. Opening the song is MEG listing different cities in a very cool voice that is different from the usual calm voice that she had been using. There’s so much more spunk and energy, which makes the listener want to hear more. The lyrics of this song perfectly suit the theme of journey as MEG sings “One day to go and so much to do, I could use a helping hand / Maybe I should make a list, there is no more room to pack.” She sounds very cute when she repeats the names of cities in Japan and then says “I’ll see you there.” Rush is the second best track and gets points for mixing the cool atmosphere with her spunkiness.

The fourth track on the album is Dreamscape. The song begins with a cool instrumental that instantly gets the listener’s interest. MEG does some vocalizing before going into the first verse. Admittedly, that excitement dies down as MEG sounds so lacking emotion. Unfortunately this doesn’t get much better as the song goes on as the song is so repetitive with the vocalizations. After two strong tracks, Dreamscape falls flat despite it’s amazing title.

Just Like That is the following track. Beginning the song is a very sleek and mysterious instrumental that intrigues the listener and then MEG comes in with some jazzy vocalizations, perfectly suiting the song’s atmosphere. MEG’s vocals sound quite different on the track for some lines as they are much deeper and sleeker than usual. It’s an interesting contrast to have her normal voice for when she sings “Just Like That” and the more hushed voice for lines like “Take a break for days” and “I could live here.” Despite its repetitiveness, it’s still a nice song and suits the theme of going on a journey very nicely.

Journey, the title track, is the last original song on the mini album. The song begins with a cool instrumental, giving the image of water flowing. This is the only track in Japanese so it’s an interesting way to close things off. Her vocals are great here, really sounding smooth and suiting that image of calmly flowing water. The vocals are even a little bit angelic, sounding as it they could appear from a lullaby. It’s a very nice way to end things with MEG’s peaceful vocals over the sweet instrumentation.

Album Ranking: A –

MEG followed BEAUTIFUL with a very nice mini album, going in a completely different direction. This package is tied together by soft and mellow sounds but certain tracks carry unique parts that make them shine. Questions and Rush both have their own coolness to them that sounds wonderful while Just Like That has a more jazzy sound. It’s a strong collection of songs perfect for lounging and relaxing.

Most Memorable Tracks: Questions / Rush / Journey / Droplets

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  1. Karen said,

    great review of a great album!
    i’m listening to it right now… question is one of my fave songs ^^
    the lyrics, the music, the voice… beautiful

    hugs from chile!

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