Kuraki Mai – わたしの、しらない、わたし. [New Song]

September 4, 2009 at 9:51 pm (Kuraki Mai) ()


Kuraki Mai’s new song, entitled わたしの、しらない、わたし., was included on her newest BEST album entitled ALL MY BEST. It served as the only new song on the album as well as a promotional song. The album was released on 09.09.09.

わたしの、しらない、わたし. is an elegant upbeat number. The song starts off with a part of the chorus and Mai’s vocals are quite pretty here, really standing out alongside the strong music. She sounds particularly good when she sings the title of the song and when she sings “preciously,” she sounds absolutely angelic. On the first verse, she gives more great vocals that support the music perfectly cand catch the listener’s ear easily. Theg uitar really accentuates the beauty of the music on the pure instrumental section and leaves the listener wanting even more. It’s a fantastic song and is a very strong incentive to buy this BEST album.

In order to promote the BEST album, a PV for わたしの、しらない、わたし was made. The video features two different Mais, one in front of a pink background and the other in front of a blue one. It seems as if two different sides of her are being represented, which is always a good concept.

Song Ranking: A


  1. Jinhwa said,

    So this song is the first song of disk 1. But I think it doesn’t match the songs in disk 1. It matches better with songs in disk 2. Mai Kuraki has change her singing style in the last two years. She is much more mature than her teenage days. She is becoming better and better. She is improving a lot since her One Life album.

  2. Jinhwa said,

    Sorry, I made a wrong comment yesterday. After listening to disk 2 of the Best album, I found out that the two disks were not ordered chronologically. So where they put the song in will not matter too much.

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