Buono! – Take it Easy! [8th Single]

September 4, 2009 at 9:37 pm (Buono!) (, )

Buono! - Take it Easy

Buono!’s 8th single, entitled Take it Easy!, was released on 08.26.09.

Take it Easy! takes things down a notch from the last single for a calm summery tune. The song opens up with a nice midtempo instrumental that really gets into the atmosphere of the summer and then comes the first verse. Momoko begins things and there is a real cuteness in her voice, which stands out. Airi then comes in and the music is quite interesting during her part so it makes her shine even more. Miyabi’s part carries a slightly more cool instrumental part, highlighting her voice nicely. The chorus is nice and breezy, giving the listener a nice calming feeling. It also sounds very cute when they sing the title of the song. The pure instrumental section carries that fun-ness that is what the song is all about, continuing the song in a strong way. Overall, it isn’t as memorable as MY BOY but it’s still an enjoyable summer perfect for the end of summer.

キライスキダイキライ is the single’s B-side. The song starts off with a rock-filled instrumental and already the mood of the song is established. Then comes the first verse and although the vocals probably would have been better with some more emotion in them, they sound nice. Those parts right before the chorus sound quite nice and really catch the ear. The main problem with the chorus is that it sounds so disjointed from the verses, ruining the flow of the song. Other than that, it sounds nice and do stick quite well. It’s a nice B-side even though it’s not the best.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Take it Easy! was made. The video features the girls taking a bus ride to the beach to enjoy the summer sun and it fits the image of the song so wonderfully that the director really knew what he was doing. The dancing wasn’t really needed but it was a nice touch. All three girls looked great, adding to the strength of the video.

Single Ranking: B

This single was definitely a step down from the amazingness that is MY BOY. However, it was worth the listen and does fit the summer season well. Hopefully they’ll be doing more mature stuff because they really shined with their last single.

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