BENI – ずっと二人で [12th Single]

August 30, 2009 at 3:56 pm (BENI) (, )

BENI - Zutto

BENI’s 12th single, entitled ずっと二人で, was released on 08.12.09. This is her 4th single under her new name. The title track was used as a theme song for Recochoku while With U was used as an Orion Beer CM song.

ずっと二人で continues the trend of slow songs as A-sides for BENI. It begins with a nice pure instrumental to start things off on a natural and relaxing vibe, seeming to fit the beginning of autumn quite nicely. The chorus features some great vocals from BENI and the instrumentation has such a sparkling aura about it, that it can’t go unnoticed by the listener. On the first verse, she keeps up the good vocals and the music stays pretty. Although it’s not as strong as the preceding A-side, it’s still quite enjoyable and has BENI giving those great vocals.

The first B-side is stardust. It features an interesting upbeat sound and although BENI’s vocals are quite nice, it feels as if the song would have been better suited for someone else’s voice. Otherwise, it’s nice but there’s just that magic spark missing between the vocals and the music.

With U, a very pretty midtempo number, is the second B-side. There’s such a natural atmosphere about the song that resonates with the listener and BENI provides strong vocals as usual. It’s a winning combination and allows the listener to really get into the feel of the song.

The third B-side is a cover of The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica, now delivered by BENI and Tynisha Keli. BENI actually does a pretty good job with this one in that her pronounciation is good and her vocals seem to capture the energy of the song. Tynisha, on the other hand, gives some questionable vocals since her voice just seems a little too high for this style. As to why they chose to cover this song, it’s a bit of a mystery and they might as well not have done it.

In order to promote the single, 2 PVs were made: one for ずっと二人で and one for The Boy Is Mine. The ずっと二人で is quite simple, just featuring BENI at different beautiful settings. There really isn’t much to say about the video but it fits the sweet simplicity of the song very well. The Boy Is Mine PV features the same style as the original with the girls confronting each other and ultimately leaving the playboy by himself. It’s not that great but it does fit the song well.

Single Ranking: B

Well it’s another slow number from BENI. The last A-side was very strong so this one falls flat in comparison. It’s still a nice song though and worth the listen as is With U. Hopefully her album will show more of what she can do besides slow songs.

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  1. Phurdonk said,

    You know what? I actually think that Tynisha did a better job vocally than BENI did. Tynisha’s voice just seemed better suited for the song and she put more “oomph” into her performance in my opinion. BENI’s performance just sounds flat and boring. Still, despite that, I’ve grown to really like their cover.

    Doesn’t beat the original though…

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