Leah Dizon – Everlasting Love + You [New Song]

August 29, 2009 at 11:27 am (Leah Dizon) ()

Leah Dizon New

A new song from Leah Dizon, entitled Everlasting Love + You, was included in the Katamari Forever Soundtrack. This compliation was released on 08.19.09.

The song starts off with a cool 8-bit instrumental that catches the eye and really does give off a video game atmosphere, perfectly fitting with the theme of the song. Then comes the first verse and Leah sounds pretty great here, her vocals really suiting the cool and relaxing feel of the song. Admittedly, the chorus does fall a little flat for the expectations from the verses but it is cute. After Leah whispers and there is kind of a sexual energy there that really works for her. It’s sweet and it’s cute, nothing that is amazing but worth the listen. Hopefully Leah will have everything settled soon and will be making a return to music with her own career.

Song Ranking: B


  1. rachville11 said,

    BTW, is it just me or it really is: Leah Dizon is getting chubbier??

  2. simonaion said,

    so nice!
    she is so beautyful!

  3. Leah Dizon said,

    i love leah dizon…she is so beautiful and sexy…

  4. Robin said,

    This is actually a mashup of 2 songs from the prequel games. The “8-bit instrumental” part that starts out and endures throughout is from Katamari 1, entitled “You Are Smart.” Everlasting Love was in Katamari 2 under a artist called Alisa. That song was sang predominantly in Japanese.

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