Goto Maki – Plastic Lover (Club Mix) [New Song]

August 27, 2009 at 4:35 pm (Goto Maki) ()

Maki Plastic Lover

Goto Maki’s new song, entitled Plastic Lover (Club Mix), was released on a HOUSE NATION compilation album with the theme Aquamarine. This compilation was released on 08.05.09. The original version of the song is to appear on her upcoming album, SWEET BLACK.

Plastic Lover brings Maki back to her upbeat and cool flavor. The song starts off with a thumping beat that will instantly draw the listener into another world with hints of the true instrumentation popping in and out until it comes full force like electronic paradise. Then comes the first verse and her vocals sound awesome here, really suiting the style of the music perfectly and lingering on the listener’s mind. The chorus is full of spunk and energy, fitting Maki’s style wonderfully, resulting in an orgasmic experience for the ears. On the second verse, the song changes for a real heavenly and light feel before going back into energetic mode for the chorus. Plastic Lover is another fantastic song from Maki and it certainly builds up the anticipation for her upcoming album.

Song Ranking: A +


  1. tFayt said,

    “resulting in an orgasmic experience for the ears…”

    RIGHT ON. I can’t stop listening to it. Addictive. Did you listen to Tear Drops yet? It would’ve been way better without KG. I will definitely buy her album. It seems almost perfect… ;D (for now?)

  2. tory said,

    I do like this a lot – thank you for the heads up of its existence!

  3. appearsdx said,

    I cannot wait for this album; “Fly away” was as close to perfect pop as it gets and I only hope there’s more of the same.

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