GIRL NEXT DOOR – Be your Wings / FRIENDSHIP / Wait for You [6th Single]

August 15, 2009 at 2:01 am (GIRL NEXT DOOR) (, )

GIRL NEXT DOOR - Be your wings

GIRL NEXT DOOR’s 6th single, entitled Be your Wings / FRIENDSHIP / Wait for You, was released on 08.05.09. Be your Wings was used as the opening theme to the Playstation game Tales of VS and Wait for You was used as the theme song to J-League, a NHK broadcast.

Be your Wings is a nice upbeat number. The song starts off with a cool instrumental that intrigues the listener as to what’s coming next. Even though it has the same sort of feel as their other songs, there is something slightly different about it which stands out. Chisa’s vocals on the first verse are nice although they do sound a little high at points. The chorus doesn’t particularly stand out except for the English line “Here I am, let me be your wings.” This part does sound a little too much like all their other songs so it doesn’t shine. At different points in the song, the instrumentation sounds great and really stands out although there are many other parts where it feels like many of their other songs. It is these new and different moments that save the song from being boring.

The group changes things up a bit with FRIENDSHIP. The song begins with some distorted vocals from Chisa and then they become clear, introducing the song on a nice note. Following those vocals is a really cool instrumental that kind of carries a dark dance edge to it, standing out strongly. She sounds great on the first verse with control of her vocals and the instrumentation maintains its coolness perfectly. The chorus does sound like their other songs, which is pretty disappointing, considering the build-up to it was so strong. Overall, this is definitely one of the group’s best songs and should have been the leading A-side.

Wait for you keeps the coolness from the last track and takes it in a different way. Beginning the song is a cool edgy instrumental, highlighted by the sounds of the guitar. The listener’s interest is instantly captured and then the first verse comes in. The music stays strong and Chisa’s vocals sound great here, really showing strength and control. Right before the chorus is a really cool instrumental part that signals the best is to come. Unfortunately, the chorus sounds very much like their other songs. Nonetheless, the instrumentation is really interesting through the other parts of the song and that makes it really worth the listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Be your Wings was made. The video definitely carries a large budget and features Chisa as a spy, breaking into a building to take a diamond and escape. It doesn’t really fit with the song lyrically but it’s so cool that the viewer can’t not like it.

Single Ranking: A

Even though the choruses of the three song carry a similar vibe to the majority of their songs, the instrumentals of the three of them all stand out strongly. The second and third A-sides particularly stand out. FRIENDSHIP has a slightly dark feel to it and Wait for You has a true coolness to it. All three songs really show the best of this group and if the choruses didn’t sound so similar to so much of their material, it would have been an A+ single.


  1. NyNy said,

    I watched the preview when I was in Japan and it grew on me but when I heard it fully, I didn’t like it much.

  2. Ashen Twilight said,

    I agree with you, but Wait for you is my favorite song. The other two are still different enough from other GND songs to be enjoyable. Seriously though, they need to do something radically different.

    ….but what can you do?

  3. hyperballad said,

    the cover art for this single is my favorite out of all their single covers…

    I think their debut single is the best..then it kinda turns mehhh..

  4. Dave said,

    There will always be the comparisons to Every Little Thing and day after tomorrow, but I think this band has fresh captivating tunes. Chisa is a wonderful singer, dancer.. and more talented compared to the singers of those other bands, as disrespectful as that may seem to Kaori Mochida & misono.

    I planned to buy a Korean copy of the CD album with Chisa in white next to a tree (only $15.99 at YesAsia) but I can’t go over a certain dollar amount and I’ve got eight other things I need so I won’t be able to buy GIRL NEXT DOOR. Waaaaah!!! Their other album (Chisa with with rabbits on the floor) is $40.25 at yesasia. What the..?

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