Crystal Kay – After Love -First Boyfriend- (featuring KANAME) / Girlfriend (featuring BoA) [25th Single]

August 15, 2009 at 1:40 am (Crystal Kay) (, )

Crystal Kay New

Crystal Kay’s 25th single, entitled After Love -First Boyfriend- (featuring KANAME) / Girlfriend (featuring BoA), was released on 08.12.09. While After Love -First Boyfriend,- was used as an ITOEN TULLY’S COFFEE CM song, Girlfriend was used as the theme song to the movie Sonna Kare Nara Sutechaeba?. 出会えた奇跡 was used as an ITOEN TULLY’S BSRISTA’S SPECIAL CM song.

Crystal Kay teams up with KANAME of CHEMISTRY for the first A-side, After Love -First Boyfriend.- The song begins with a sweet and cute instrumental that is catchy and gets stuck on the listener’s head even though it’s not the best. Crystal’s vocals sound quite nice on the first verse and fit with the poppiness of the music, pulling the listener in a little more. The chorus is a little dry but both of their vocals compliment each other’s well. Overall, it’s nice but it’s nothing amazing.

After BoA brought Crystal Kay for UNIVERSE earlier in the year, Crystal returns the favor with the second A-side, Girlfriend. Opening the song is a nice midtempo instrumental and then Crystal comes in and delivers her strong vocals. The two girls switch off singing and both of them give good vocals that support the instrumentation nicely. With the aggressive parts of the chorus, this section of the song stands out nicely and catches the listener’s ear perfectly. It definitely isn’t as memorable as UNIVERSE but it’s a good listen nonetheless.

The single’s B-side is the emotional number, 出会えた奇跡. The song starts off with a sweet and slow instrumental that carries an element of sorrow to it. Crystal’s vocals on the first verse are great and give emotion, complimenting the music perfectly. The chorus doesn’t follow the strength of the verse but her vocals are still nice and give emotion. On the second verse, the backing vocals actually make the song more memorable since there’s this angelic feel to them that really stands out. Overall it’s a great song and one that really shows Crystal Kay’s true colors.

In order to promote the single, a PV for After Love -First Boyfriend- was made. The video doesn’t really have much going on in it but Crystal looks absolutely gorgeous in the scenes of her lying on the bed. KANAME just kind of walks around town but he looks good so there’s no complaints here. It’s pretty and fits the atmosphere of the song well.

Single Ranking: B

Crystal Kay brought some nice music for her first single of the year. Both A-sides sound good and even though they don’t leave the best lasting impression, they are worth the listen. Actually, the B-side probably leaves the biggest impression since Crystal really brings the emotions out for all to hear. As for who got the better collaborative single, BoA wins it with UNIVERSE, which is miles better than Girlfriend.

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