Morning Musume – なんちゃって恋愛 [40th Single]

August 10, 2009 at 4:26 am (Morning Musume) (, )

Nanchatte Rneai

Morning Musume’s 40th single, entitled なんちゃって恋愛, was released on 08.12.09. As the group’s 40th single, the single was released with an extra Commemorative Edition featuring an extra B-side.

なんちゃって恋愛 follows a style similar to that of the girls’ last single and takes it in a slightly new direction. The song begins with a very soft and sweet instrumental and soon the beat comes in, giving it a more uptempo feel. Ai then starts things off on the first verse, giving her usual strong vocals that convey emotion quite well. Koharu sounds good on her part as well and makes the perfect headway for Reina. Reina’s parts are so interesting because the instrumentation has a slightly different feel and she sings with rapidity, catching the listener’s ears. What makes this song primarily different from its predecessor is the addition of rap sequences delivered by Junjun, Linlin, Aika, Sayumi and Koharu. They add a little spice to the song and definitely stand out. The chorus carries the girls’ usual relatable lyrics over a good dance beat. Ai and Reina take the lead on the first one while Risa and Eri take the second. The pure instrumental section is very pretty and puts the spotlight at how fragile and sweet the music really is. Before the last chorus, Sayumi whispers a line and with the last chorus, there is a key change that really catches the ear. It’s another fantastic track from the girls of Morning Musume, which keeps them with a streak of fantastic A-sides.

The B-side of the regular edition is the cool number, 秋麗. The song opens with an ear-catching guitar solo before the rest of the instrumentation comes in and sweeps the listener away. The girls sound great on the first verse with vocals that really match the music perfectly. Ai’s vocals in particular stay smooth and suit the atmosphere of the song very well. The chorus features good energy that carries the song along very strongly, particularly with the end when they sing “I love you” and the title of the song. The pure instrumental section has a real coolness that fits the song’s overall sound while giving it sort of cool hollow feel. Overall, it’s a great compliment to the A-side and definitely could have been an A-side.

すべては愛の力 is the special B-side included on the Commemorative Edition. The song opens up with the girls singing in a happy and sunny tone, as part of the chorus, that feels good with the summery feel. Junjun and Linlin even get to have some of the first solo vocals, which is a nice change of pace. The verses have a sort of cool and fun atmosphere to them, which definitely sounds strong. The chorus is nice although a little dry. The instrumentation has its really strong moments such as a few moments before the chorus. It’s sweet and fun, a nice addition to the overall package of the single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for なんちゃって恋愛 was made. The video is set in a dark area as the girls dance in dark clothing. The other scene of the video features the girls in white outfits, providing an interesting contrast, as they stand and sing the lyrics with emotion. They all look great particularly Risa and capture the eye of the viewer, making the video a success.

Single Ranking: A +

Morning Musume delivers yet another fantastic single, continuing a long streak of memorable A-sides. Although なんちゃって恋愛 takes some cues from the last A-side, it is executed well so that both stand apart from each other and make the listener interested. 秋麗 also has an extremely addictive sound that could have propelled this song into A-side status. It’s certainly a great way to commemorate this group’s 40th single!


  1. bill said,

    I enjoyed the a-side especially with the rapping but was really disappointed with the generic b-sides.
    I’m really surprised you gave them an A+ especially considering their typical pv with its repeated H!P formula of close ups and dance shot spliced together.

    • amaiyume said,

      You didn’t like Aki Urara?
      I actually loved it on first listen. Subete wa Ai no Chikara is okay but nothing great…and of course Nanchatte Renai is awesome 😀

      Yeah, I gave the single an A+ because I’m addicted to both Nanchatte Renai and Aki Urara. Definitely one of the strongest single of the year.

      And I thought the video was awesome although the dancing could have a little better…

      • bill said,

        Nanchatte Renai is definitely their best a-side since Resonant Blue but I just felt let down by the b-sides.
        With the pv I didn’t mind the dancing (it went well with the tone of the song) it was just the pv was like every other pv they’ve done for a long time, dance shot + close shop put together.
        I’d rather them try out something new like another idol group has been doing by adding a drama style thing on.
        AKB’s latest single’s pv really trumps this one and considering this was Morning Musume’s 40th single I just expected them to go a bit more out and have a higher budget pv.
        I’d definitely give the song A+ but as a whole the single I’d probably give a B.

        PS. Loved your AAA review, I didn’t think anyone else thought that Summer Revolution was like a darker GND song!

  2. NyNy said,

    It’s ok but not worth me putting on my ipod.

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