DOUBLE – Let it go [17th Single]

August 6, 2009 at 9:14 pm (DOUBLE) (, )

DOUBLE Let it go

DOUBLE’s 17th single, entitled Let it go, was released on 07.22.09.

Let it go is a nice midtempo number. The song starts off with a pretty midtempo instrumental that gives a calming feeling to the listener. Then DOUBLE comes in on the first verse and the instrumentation adds a few more instrumentation that makes the beat clear but it takes away from that sweet soothing nature. The chorus is nice as she sings “let it go, just let it go” as the feeling of letting one’s troubles go comes from her vocals. There is a sort of rap section which actually fits the atmosphere of the song quite well so that’s a plus. Overall, it would have been a nicer song if it had stuck to its original instrumentation before the beat was so calling.

The B-side is Feel it. It fits DOUBLE’s style quite well and is a catchy upbeat number. There is kind of a disco feeling to it, which intrigues the listener. Overall DOUBLE”s vocals could have been stronger and the music could have been more aggressive but it’s still a nice listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Let it go was made. The video features DOUBLE carrying a suitcase of her troubles and throwing them away as well as scenes of her doing things at home. She looks very pretty in the video and the simple look of it really suits the song in terms of lyrics and atmosphere.

Single Ranking: B

DOUBLE delivers a nice single with both songs catching the listener’s ear. Let it go could have been stronger if the beat wasn’t so strong and Feel it could have been better with a more aggressive instrumental but both songs are nice.

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