AAA – Break Down / Break your name / Summer Revolution [21st Single]

August 1, 2009 at 5:07 am (AAA) (, )

AAA break down

AAA’s 21st single, entitled Break Down / Break your name / Summer Revolution, was released on 07.29.08.

Break Down is an addictive upbeat dance number taking on hints from the electric wave. The song opens up with Misako repeating “break down,” which is strangely addictive and then the instrumentation comes in and takes the listener into a new world. The following vocals sound nice and having vocals from both and the girls is an interesting mix here and puts some nice emotions into it. On the verses, every sounds good and provides some edgy vocals to match the extremely interesting instrumentation. Although the rap section isn’t that great, the following section of pure instrumentation certainly is. Break Down is definitely one of the group’s stronger songs and a great way to begin the single.

Break your name is a song sung by the Saihuun, a 15 member group with the boys of AAA up front. Opening the song is lines from the chorus and the vocals are nice here, coating over the cool instrumental quite well. As it goes on, the rock flavor is introduced and catches the ear quite nicely. The first verse features some smooth vocals from Urata although the rap section sounds a little off. It’s a nice and upbeat number which is worth the listen although it’s not as nearly as strong as Break Down.

With the boys having their time with the last song, the girls get their chance to shine with Summer Revolution. The song begins with the girls singing part of the chorus and the instrumentation immediately grabs the listener’s attention, having a sort of similar atmosphere to that of a GIRL NEXT DOOR song. However after those first two lines are repeated, the instrumentation takes on a slightly darker tone, which sounds even better. Both of the girls provide strong vocals that suit the music perfectly and leave the listener wanting even more. It’s a very memorable song and the girls should proud for bringing such a strong song to the table.

In order to promote the single, three PVs were made: one for each A-side. The Break your name PV is primarily a dance video that shows off the boys’ nice moves. Only the five boys of AAA show their faces while the other ten dancers just dance with black hooded outfits the entire time. It’s not the most interesting video but it does fit the atmosphere of the song well. In the Summer Revolution, the girls and the backup dancers dance in a sandy place surrounded by the clouds. It’s such a pretty setting and it will definitely catch the eye of the viewer.

Single Ranking: A

AAA definitely came back and hit their mark strong. All three A-side prove to be strong as their right and leaves the listener longing for more. Break Down emerges as the strongest track with Misako’s infectious repeating “Break Down” and a hot eletric instrumental. Summer Revolution follows in a close second, taking a GIRL NEXT DOOR style instrumental to the next level. Break your name is another good song that takes on some rock tendencies to shine. Overall, AAA delivered a very strong package and seeing as their next single is also to be a triple A-side, hopefully they’ll be able to bring more of this amazing quality.

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  1. aikorin said,

    Omg I totally agree – this single TOTALLY sounds like Girl Next Door!!

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