AKB48 – 涙サプライズ! [12th Single]

July 29, 2009 at 1:55 am (AKB48) (, )

Namida Surprise

AKB48’s 12th single, entitled 涙サプライズ!, was released on 06.24.09.

涙サプライズ! is a cheerful birthday number. The song begins with a upbeat and cool instrumental that definitely catches the listener’s attention before the first verse. On the first verse, the vocals are very nice and carry a cuteness to them while also having a mature feel to them, making for a strong combination. The chorus is really enjoyable as the girls sing happy birthday with such an undeniable sweetness to their vocals that the listener can’t ignore them. The third verse features the girls chanting “happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear my friend,” which sounds kind of strange but it fits the overall atmosphere of the song quite well. It’s cute and fun, definitely a good listener.

Team B takes center stage with the first c/w track, 初日. It carries a similar sound to the A-side although it has less of a cheery sound and has a slightly cool feeling to it. All the girls voices sound good and suit the instrumentation very well. Although it’s not as strong as the A-side, it’s still a nice song to listen to.

Ono Erena gets the spotlight with the second c/w track, FIRST LOVE. It’s a sweet and simple slow pop number which sounds quite peaceful to the ears. It’s a very nice combination to have the cold and peaceful alongside the upbeat nature of the song so that the listener can find a true balance between the two. It’s the stronger of the c/w tracks although not as strong as the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 涙サプライズ! was made. The video is fun and colorful, featuring the girls celebrate a girl’s birthday by doing various things for her. It shows the sweet bond of friendship for everyone to see.

Single Ranking: B +

AKB48 definitely delivers quality with this single as the A-side is a fun and cute number to dance along to. Both c/w tracks are enjoyable too, with the second being the more interesting of the two. Hopefully they can keep up this quality in the future.

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