SAWA – I Can Fly [Debut Mini Album]

July 23, 2009 at 4:08 am (SAWA) (, )


SAWA’s debut major mini album, was released on 07.22.09.

The album starts with I Can Fly. The instrumentation of the track is mellow and pretty nice but SAWA’s vocals sound pretty grating and take away that mellow feeling from the song.

Sing It Back follows. The song starts off with a very pretty and calming instrumental that catches the listener’s ear before SAWA comes in for the first verse. Her vocals are pretty good here, suiting the music quite nicely. The atmosphere of the song continues to get to the listener and then it’s the chorus. Admittedly, it’s a little flat with such similar phrases being repeated often but it’s still manageable. It’s a pretty nice track and shows SAWA’s colors.

Night Desert is the third album track. The song begins with a mysterious and interesting instrumental that has a peaceful quality while also having a haunting feel. Then SAWA sings the first verse and her vocals don’t really bring out anything amazing and the instrumentation doesn’t really continue to shine. The chorus is nice in that there’s a little more energy to it, which is a good change from the verses but it’s nothing that really catches the ear as nicely as other tracks. It’s an okay song but it definitely could have been better.

Up next is I Love You Always Forever. The song starts off with SAWA singing acapella and there’s a really cheerful feeling that comes out, which is nice. Then when she sings the first verse, her vocals sound really weird and the instrumentation sounds so empty so it’s a bad combination. I Love You Always Forever follows the same suit as the last track and it doesn’t stand out at all.

My Sunny Days is the fifth song. Like the last two tracks, the interest just isn’t there, mostly due to SAWA’s vocals. The one positive thing is that the instrumentation of this song is fuller and fits the vocals a little better.

Album Ranking: C

If SAWA’s vocals were stronger and the instrumentation was fuller and more diverse, the overall product might have been more enjoyable. Sing It Back is the only song on the album that actually is manageable.

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