Aira Mitsuki – PLASTIC [2nd Studio Album]

July 22, 2009 at 7:58 pm (Aira Mitsuki) (, )


Aira Mitsuki’s 2nd studio album, entitled PLASTIC, was released on 07.22.09. The singles released before the album are as follows: ロボットハニー, サヨナラ TECHNOPLOIS and BARBiE BARBiE.

ロボットハニー is the album’s opening track. The song begins with an intersting instrumental that feels like the listener is being taken into an alternate world. Over time, the aggression comes and makes it shine even more. On the verses, there is a more calming atmosphere although the music retains its coolness. Aira’s vocals sound great here, really suiting the music very well. There’s just a happiness that comes through the chorus, which makes it really stand out. It’s sweet and it’s fun, which makes it a good opener for PLASTIC.

Aira teams up with AYUZE KOZUE for Summeeeeeeeer Set. Opening the song is a fun and upbeat instrumental that is insantly ear-catching. Then Aira comes in and there’s such a sweetness in her vocals that bring out the atmosphere more strongly. AYUZE also sounds good at her parts, supporting Aira very well. On the chorus, both girls sound great and each add to the overall strength of the song. It’s a very enjoyable song and one that works very well with the season.

ニーハイガール, a B-side released before the album, is up next. The song starts off with a really cool twinkling instrumental that is very ear-catching and then Aira’s distorted vocals come in and it’s pretty hard to undestand what she is saying. The whispered vocals in the background is a nice touch and add a sort of creepiness to the song. It’s a pretty repetitive song so it gets to be old rather quickly.

Aira and Terukado come together again, this time for BAD trip. The song begins with a really cool and aggressive instrumental that definitely piques the interest of the listener. Having the background vocals by Aira spices things up a little and then the first verse comes in. Much like Beep Count Fantastic from the last album, the focus is on the instrumentation and what an amazing team the two of them make with tracks like these. It may not be as catchy as Beep Count Fantastic but it has the same instant addictive quality.

CHANGE MY WILL gets the energy up in a fantastic way. The song starts off with such a cool and almost sloppy instrumental except it’s done so perfectly that it doesn’t sound bad. Aira’s vocals perfectly fit the music when she comes in and makes things even better. Following, the instrumentation becomes truly aggressive and keeps the listeners on their their toes. The chorus sounds awesome when she sings the title of the song and the higher pitch of her voice in contrast to the low and aggressive instrumental is a dangerous combination. The pure instrumental section is awesome because it takes things in such an interesting and slightly different direction. For its purely aggressive instrumentation and overall cool feel, CHANGE MY WILL is definitely a gem on this album.

The sixth track on the album is the interesting and sleek HIGH SD スニーカー.  A soft and cool instrumental, giving the listener a dreamy and spacey feeling. Here, Aika’s vocals sound great and catch the ear very easily. Then a twist arrives and the instrumentation becomes aggressive and addictive, really having a different feel from the opening instrumental. Then Aira’s vocals are heavily distorted so that it’s near impossible to decipher what she is saying. This stood out proudly on the サヨナラ TECHNOPOLIS single and it shines here as well.

Another B-side from the same single, distant STARS, follows. The song begins with a very soft and pretty instrumental with Aira’s vocals filled with emotion and strength. The choice to center on the piano was a nice one since it changes things up from the usual instrumentation. It’s nice to see Aira slow things down and with this song, she did quite a good job.

プラスティックドール was the song used to promote the album as it got a PV and from the moment the song opens, it’s easy to see why. A really dreamy and spacey instrumental opens the song, taking the listener to another world and then the aggressive nature works its way in. On the first verse, Aira’s vocals sound so smooth and perfectly matching the instrumentation that the listener can’t help but fall in love. The chorus sounds great as the instrumentation becomes just the slightest more aggressive and Aira’s vocals become stronger. It’s insanely catchy and leaves a fantastic impression. The pure instrumental section features some very distorted words from Aira in the background before transitioning back into the dreamy chorus. It’s one of Aira’s best songs and definitely is one of the most memorable songs on the album.

Now comes the addictive song, サプリ. The song begins with a fantastic instrumental that has kind of an old school feel to it. Then comes the first verse and Aira’s vocals sound great, really fitting with the cool and catchy music. One small part that really stands out is that key change before the chorus. Somehow it makes all the difference and leaves the listener wanting more. There is a kind of cuteness on the chorus, which actually works really well and leaves the listener wanting more. It’s also to hear a key change in the last chorus, which makes it all the more memorable. It’s definitely one of the strongest songs on the album.

Kuchiroro joins Aira for 夏飴. A jazzy sort of instrumental starts things off and it’s definitely surpsising since it differs frmo the usual instrumentation. Aira sounds good here and her vocals really suit the music. Then the instrumentation takes on a more familiar dreamy style that sounds great. Kuchiroro sounds okay although he isn’t the strongest addition to the song. His rap section is also pretty weak in addition to being cheesy. It’s not the best song since the instrumentation is a little dull and Kuchiroro does nothing for the song.

The final collaboration of the album is with Shigeo on Time is. Really cool sounds begin the song and give the image of lights turning on one by one in the darkness. The song goes on the instrumentation becomes present as well as the beat, gradually gaining more attention from the listener as the anticipation builds up. Over after a minute of pure instrumentation, Aira comes in and her vocals really suit the atmosphere of the song. It sounds really cool when she sings “time is up.”  It’s definitely one of the coolest songs on the album and is a good balance between focusing on the music and on the vocals.

The twelfth track on the album is the impressively catchy サヨナラ TECHNOPOLIS, centering around the theme of the end of the world. The song kicks off with part of the chorus, in which Aira sings English phrases like “plastic babe” and “the end dance,” which really catch the ear. However the catchiest part of the song are the songs. Aira’s vocals have such a coolness that cannot be ignored and melt over the instrumentation addictively. Then Aira repeats the title of the song, making for a good entrance to the chorus. Overall, this is one of the strongest songs on the album and leaves the listener wanting more.

BARBiE BARBiE is the album’s semifinale. Starting off the song is a cool summery sort of instrumental which actually sounds pretty cool. Then comes part of the chorus and Aira’s vocals sound very nice here over the cheerful instrumental. Overall, the structure and sound of the song is similar to that of ロボットハニー. The vocals feature lyrics delivered with rapidity which is nice although the interest isn’t as high as it could be. While it’s a nice song, it’s similarities to its predecesor prove to be a little annoying.

Re:† serves as the album closer. That opening instrumental is aggressive and almost scary, really grabbing the listener’s attention at first listen. The background vocals add to the creepiness of the song and keep things going at a good pace. As the song goes, it makes instrumental twists and turns, which keeps the listener’s interest perfectly. The only problem with the song is that it’s too long. Otherwise, it’s a very enjoyable song and a good way to finish off PLASTIC.

Album Ranking: A –

PLASTIC is a very solid collection of songs that show how Aira has grown from her last album. From the aggressiveness of BAD trip and CHANGE MY WILL to the dreaminess of プラスティックドール to the fun dance feel of サプリ, Terukado and Aira definitely make a dream team. It’s a bit strange to not have COSMiC CHOP on the album with the other two B-sides from the same single making appearances, especially since it’s one of her strongest songs to date. Nonetheless, PLASTIC does a great job of bringing together strong album tracks and memorable single ones for a cohesive collection of songs.

5 Most Memorable Songs: プラスティックドール / サプリ / BAD trip / CHANGE MY WILL / サヨナラ TECHNOPOLIS


  1. Selryam said,

    For some reason, it’s really odd to not see you mention how Natsu Ame is pretty much just a Fantasy Candy remix, since it takes so much from FC.

    This album is definitely much better than COPY, but I just can’t take Time is seriously when the entire beginning pretty much sounds like a lot of swearing until Aira comes in.

    • amaiyume said,

      really? I don’t really remember Fantasy Candy and that’s probably why XD

      LOL, Time is is defintiely interesting but I liked it 🙂

  2. Usagi-kun said,

    Really good album, my favorite tracks till now are Sumeeeeeer and Robot Honey, but I never gave a proper leastening to make a proper comment.
    I’m a big Perfume fan for some time (since 2005), but somehow the third album (triangle) didn’t strike me like GAME. I’m really getting into this album, and It has really some great tracks.

    by the way, visit my blog =) I’ll be happy if you do

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