Kuroki Meisa – SHOCK -運命- [First Single]

July 20, 2009 at 3:17 am (Kuroki Meisa) (, )


Kuroki Meisa’s first single, entitled SHOCK -運命-, was released on 07.22.09. This is Meisa’s first single to be released physically and the title track was used as the KIRIN’s COLA SHOCK CM song.

SHOCK -運命- is a hot dance song that gets the listener in the mood to dance. The song opens up with a sample of a Beethoven piece, with new life and energy oozing from it before the chorus comes in. Meisa sings “ready for the shock” and her vocals during this section really stand out and the whole energy of the instrumentation has the listener in love with the song already. Then comes the first verse and there’s a cool sleekness to it, Meisa’s vocals still sounding great. The graceful sweetness of the hook is really interesting and provides as a strong introduction to the chorus. This is one of Meisa’s best songs and it’s sure to hook the listener on first listen.

Wasted is the single’s B-side. It has a sort of rock feeling to it although it doesn’t sound aggressive enough to match Meisa’s style. It’s just sounds a little cheesy at parts such as the “come again another day” line and the instrumentation doesn’t grab the listener like it should.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SHOCK -運命- was made. The video seems to take cues from Amuro Namie’s shine more and the SPEED STAR PVs. There is the same dancing in front of what looks like a turbine or fan scene as in the SPEED STAR as well as the same styled room as in shine more for the chair dancing scenes. Nontheless, Meisa looks great and the song suits the energy of the song very well.

Single Ranking: A

Meisa comes back stronger than ever with SHOCK -運命-. This song is probably her second strongest, only preceded by Like This. She really shows what she can do and leaves the listener wanting more. Wasted was just okay but a good change of pace from the A-side. Hopefully she’ll continue to follow this path and bring even more great songs.

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