Stephanie – Colors of my Voice [2nd Studio Album]

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Stephanie’s 2nd album, entitled Colors of my Voice, was released on 06.17.09. Two singles, Changin’ and PRIDE ~A Part of Me,~ were released before the album.

The album opens up with 言葉なんかいらないほどに. The song starts off with a very pretty piano instrumental that catches the listener’s ear and then comes part of the chorus. Stephanie’s vocals sound nice although a little thin at points instead of their usual powerful level. Then comes the first verse and the music stays very nice and enjoyable, complimenting her vocals quite nicely. The pure instrumental section shines brightly because of the beautiful guitar. This is a great way to open up the album since it catches the ear nicely and shows Stephanie’s style.

Up next is Changin’, released prior to the album. Opening up the song is a nice piano instrumental that is sweet although slightly dull. She sounds good on the first verse and the piano lets the emotional presence of the song stay presence. Roma sounds okay although his vocals are a little rough. It kind of falls into the sound of a predictable ballad, not particularly keeping the listener’s interest.

Another single arrives with FUTURE. The song begins with Stephanie immediately giving the chorus and the abruptness is somewhat startingly. It’s nice to hear her take on a more upbeat and fun instrumental since it’s a nice change from the usual ballad instrumental. Her vocals are good as always and the feeling of freedom is expressed perfectly through them. It’s a very nice song with a different style for the listener to enjoy.

禁断の Knockout is the album’s fourth song. The song starts off with a midtempo guitar driven instrumental that has a very natural feeling to it. Stephanie’s vocals on the first verse support that atmosphere as there’s something sweet and natural about her voice here. It feels as if she’s telling a story. On the chorus, the emotions come spilling out as the instrumentation becomes more rock oriented and her vocals become powerful and emotionally charged. The final line features a slightly distorted vocal that definitely leaves a good impression. The pure instrumental section features a cool moment to focus on the slightly mystery of the instrumental before going back into more vocals. This is one of Stephanie’s strongest songs and definitely a gem on the album.

Together, a relaxing number follows. A very calming aand relaxing instrumental begins things off and it gives the image of a spring day. Then Stephanie comes in for the first verse and provides some great vocals tha have a sweet poppiness to them. It really suits the atmosphere of the song very well. The chorus features English lines like “I love you baby” and “it’s you and me together.” It’s just a nice song that is a good change from the last track.

Forever is an upbeat dance number in all English. The chorus starts things off and Stephanie’s vocals are absolutely beautiful. The following little section of pure instrumental is very interesting as it features a good dance beat some distorted vocals. On the first verse, her vocals sound good and her pronounciation is excellent. The chorus is awesome because you can tell Stephanie put her all into it, really wanting to make the listener dance along. It’s definitely one of the more interesting songs on the album and keeps the listener’s attention from start to finish.

Pride ~A Part Of Me~ is the album’s seventh song and goes back to the ballad style. The song’s opening is very pretty and definitely starts things off on the right foot. Basically the instrumentation stays pretty for the duration of the song but it’s just so long that it feels like it’s dragging on. It would have been more enjoyable if it was shortened.

KISSES is up next. It was a released as a B-side before the album and it’s very understandable why it wasn’t chosen to be an A-side. It’s just really not interesting because the instrumentation just doesn’t catch the listener’s ear.

A new track appears with キズナ. The song begins with a music box styled instrumental and then Stephanie sings the chorus. Her vocals are nice although they sound too strong for the instrumentation, overpowering the sweet softness of the music. Then the music becomes more diverse and louder so that it suits Stephanie’s vocals much better. There’s an unidentified man singing with her for some parts which is kind of strange. Nonetheless, the song is quite nice and sweet. If the vocals were softer and it stayed closer to the opening instrumental then it would have been even stronger.

The album’s semifinale is a song for you, an orchestral ballad. There is a mix of English and Japanese which switches things up nicely. It’s peaceful and relaxing sound really resonates with the listener and is one of the stronger songs on the album.

The album closes with 大好きなみんなへ。, featuring fans. It sounds very much like FUTURE although slightly less strong. It just doesn’t capture the attention particularly strongly, which makes it not the best way to close the album out.

Album Ranking: B

Stephanie’s album definitely has a few surprising curveballs that catch the listener’s attention such as 禁断の Knockout and Forever. Some of the tracks come off as a little predictable but overall it’s an enjoyable package. As usual, Stephanie’s vocals are enjoyable and portray emotion well. With more interesting instrumentals, her music will only benefit.

5 Most Memorable Tracks: 禁断の Knockout / Forever / 言葉なんかいらないほどに / キズナ / FUTURE


  1. tFayt said,

    (Hmm… does she like pineapples?)

    Yes! This album was better than I thought it would be but… she doesn’t fully use her vocal range anymore. She got complaints about that? Haha.

    • amaiyume said,

      hahaha, I don’t know?! Maybe so XD

      I agree. She didn’t use her full range…I kinda liked it but this way she doesn’t run the risk of overusing it?

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