Koda Kumi – 3 SPLASH [44th Single]

July 18, 2009 at 3:20 am (Koda Kumi) (, )


Koda Kumi’s 44th single, entitled 3 SPLASH, was released on 07.08.09. Lick me ♥ was used as the SANKYO CM insert song for FEVER LIVE IN HALL II.

09:00 A.M. [Intro] is the opening track of the single. It starts off with some static as channels are flipped through and then a fun and funky instrumental comes in, grabbing the listener’s interest. This introduction is only a little over 40 seconds so there’s no real time to enjoy it but it’s nice and cool, ready to introduce the first full song.

Lick me ♥ is an upbeat pop song that shows off Kumi’s cute side. The song begins with part of the chorus and the slight rock elements add a little spice to the music. English lines like “everything all right” and “don’t be afraid” shine nicely and let the listener into the lyrical theme of the song. The verses feature a slightly more relaxed atmosphere that still remains catchy and leaves the listener wanting more. After the first full chorus comes the hook when Kumi repeatedly sings “da da da” and this is actually one of the catchiest parts of the entire song. During breaks of pure instrumentation, the listener can hear these slight distortions in the music and that gives it a slightly cooler feel. It definitely fits the sweet happy atmosphere of summer and stands out as a strong song.

3 SPLASH Picture 1Then Kumi takes on the sexy route with ECSTASY. Opening up the song is some distorted vocals with that sort of slight electric edge similar to TABOO. Up next is the first verse and Kumi’s vocals are sleek and smooth, coating the instrumental with her sexiness. The hook is catchy, primarily for the repeating “so” and it makes a good introduction for the chorus. It’s the English lines that really make the chorus stand out. Phrases like “make me hot,” “de-de-de-de-deep” and “give me in ecstasy” really sparkle over the hot intsrumental. The pure instrumental break features a repeating distorted “burning up” before moving back into the chorus. ECSTASY gives 3 SPLASH a touch of sexiness in a way only Kumi could deliver.

12:35 [Interlude] is the fourth track on the single. Much like the introduction, this short track has a funky feel. A voice says “it’s time for showdown” and the track ends, barely passing the 20 second mark. Much like the first track, it’s nice but there’s no real time to enjoy it since it’s so short.

走れ! is the third A-side of the single and is a summery rock song. The song kicks off with a funky cool instrumentation that will make the listener want to get up and dance along with Kumi. On the verses, Kumi gives that cool edge in her vocals while having this looming cuteness run through. The chorus is nice although Kumi’s vocals are a little strange at parts. Unfortunately, it’s not as memorable as hoped. The same can be said for the full song because while it is nice, there’s something lacking and holding it back from being amazing. Perhaps a more aggressive instrumental would have made the song shine more.

The next four tracks are only available on the Jacket B version of the single (CD + DVD), beginning with 04:20 3 SPLASH Picture 2[Interlude]. It’s the longest of all the short tracks and basically just features a bunch of sounds such as police sirens and what sounds like a time bomb counting down to explosion. It’s pretty weird but it’s definitely interesting and leaves the listener wondering what the concept behind it was.

Lick me ♥ (Q;indivi-Yusuke Tanaka Remix) doesn’t really have that much of a difference from its original except for an aggressive electric touch running throughout the song and a really pretty piano addition. Surprisingly the two forces sound together and make the music sound really cool. At some points, it does shine over the original but the simplicity of the original version does work overall somewhat more strongly than that of this one.

ECSTASY (Caramel Pod E Remix) adds a more of an electronic edge to the original, which can sound pretty cool. However, the sexiness that pours from the original is lost here because the old sleek and cool instrumental is replaced. The whole sexiness of the song is what makes it stand out and this remix took that away, which makes it definitely weaker than the original.

走れ! [420 Remix] does the same thing as the other remixes, adding an electric flavor to the song. Although those opening distorted vocals sound really cool and definitely start things off on the correct foot, those screaming vocals in the background get really annoying really quickly. Plus the overal instrumental feels a little empty in comparison to that of the original.

The single closes with 12:00 A.M. [Outro], available on all versions of the single. It takes part of the instrumentation from Lick me ♥ for its base and since there are no instrumental versions of the songs, it’s nice to hear just what a pure instrumental part of the song sounds like.

In order to promote the single, three PVs were made: one for each A-side. The video for Lick me ♥ is cute and fun, just like the song. It features scenes of Kumi as a waitress in an old-styled ice cream parlor, complete with colorful roller skates. The three different Kumis of the video are Vanilla Girl [who goes bowling with her friends], Mango Girl [who rides the bus along with some little kids and her friends] and Bitter Chocolate Girl [the prettiest one with Kumi sitting in a chair and looking cute]. It’s very fun and it suits the song perfectly. The ECSTASY PV shows Kumi in a photoshoot as well as in a room covered in a sticky white substance that alludes to the song’s sexual lyrics. There are also dancing scenes featuring Kumi in a blue tape outfit and Kumi riding a motorcycle wearing the outfit from the cover that corresponds to ECSTASY. The 走れ! PV is fun and summery, like the song. Kumi and her friends just enjoy a nice summer day. There’s some dancing, some basketball and some rocking out while looking cool. It’s a really good fit for the song and everyone looks very into it. All three PVs provide a good look at Kumi and they suit their respective songs very well.

Single Ranking: A –

With 10 tracks, this single certainly does have a lot to go for. Well, perhaps not as much as you might think. The four short tracks [intro / interludes / outro] seem somewhat un-necessary. They weren’t really needed to this single and they weren’t as memorable as the ones on 4 hot wave. The remixes were okay although they weren’t as strong as the originals. Anyway, the three A-sides all have a side of Kumi to enjoy. Lick me ♥ is cute and fun, definitely shining for the listener to hear. ECSTASY is a return to Kumi’s sexy side and is an anthem for those who are longing for sexual satisfaction. 走れ! has a cool summery Kumi that fits the season well although it’s the weakest of the A-sides and doesn’t really catch the ear of the listener. Overall the single was enjoyable and although not as strong as Kumi’s usual releases, it worms its way into the listener’s heart.

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